14 Weeks Pregnant...
Wiggle, Wiggle

  • fetal age = 12 weeks

You're 14 weeks pregnant and your baby is about 3.5 long now and weighs about one and a half ounces. Still very tiny, but bigger than before!

Your baby is working hard on his reflexs by practicing swimming and flipping and just moving all around...after all he has SO much room inside the amniotic fluid right now. Although baby does sleep most of the time.

Baby's neck is continuing to get longer, as a result the chin no longer rests on his little chest.

Your baby's systems in his little body are starting to work on their own. His digestive system is practicing on moving food along the intestines, and his little body creates urine and practices getting rid of it as well.

Your baby's blood is beginning to form in the bone marrow and blood vessels are beginning to connect various parts of the baby to one another. Nourishment comes through the placenta, so remember, some of what you eat can and does cross the placenta.

14 Weeks Pregnant
14 Weeks Pregnant
At this point, 14 weeks pregnant, the ears are fully developed, the cheekbones are visible and the nose is more defined. During this week the hair in the baby's head and eyebrows begin to appear. The baby's skin is still very transparent.

Amniotic fluid is an incredible substance. It thoroughly regenerates itself every three hours. It's known that the fluid is partially made up of the baby's urine and contains dead skin cells, but where the fluid itself is made, no one is for sure.

Your baby is also starting to develop the ability to move their eyes this week, even though the eyelids still remain fused shut. They can make all sorts of cute little facial expressions as well.

You may start showing by now, if you haven't already...

now people can stop guessing, "maybe she's gained a little weight" or
"no, I think she's pregnant"

please excuse the baby dust, we're still developing

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