16 Weeks Pregnant...
Have you felt the baby yet?

  • fetal age = 14 weeks

Your 16 weeks pregnant and your baby is about 5 inches and weighs about 3.5 ounces....awww, your little bambino could fit in the palm of your hands!

He is having so much fun inside your womb...sucking on fingers and playing around with the umbilical cord and free to swim around and doing somersaults!

The umbilical cord attachment has now moved lower on your baby's body.

Have you felt your baby move yet? Some mothers have felt their baby by 16 weeks pregnant, but there are still some who may not have felt the baby. Usually it's between 16 and 20 weeks...so any day now.
16 Weeks Pregnant
16 Weeks Pregnant

The baby is getting stronger as each day passes and he is now able to hold his head straight. The legs are now longer than the arms and the fingernails are well formed.

Fat is starting to be deposited under baby's skin. Your baby can now hear external voices, yes he's listening to you:) He can now sleep and even have dreams. I wonder what they dream about?

I felt all my babies before 16 weeks. It's such an amazing part of pregnancy. In the beginning it feels like little air bubbles or a little butterfly inside, so you may get confused and wonder if that was your baby or not. Don't worry in the next few weeks your baby will make sure you know it's him/her and not air bubbles.

smiley face taking a pictureultrasound pic
Say Cheese!!

baby's already muggin' for the camera, making all sort of facial expressions

please excuse the baby dust, we're still developing

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