20 Weeks Pregnant...
Yay!! You've reached the halfway mark!

  • fetal age = 18 weeks
Congratulations! Your 20 weeks pregnant and finally halfway through your pregnancy. Your baby is about 10 inches long and weighs about 11 ounces.

Your baby is now measured from head to toe since his legs aren't curled up against the body so much anymore. Crown to rump measurements are about 6.5 inches.

The baby's skin is starting to get thicker this week and it will develop 4 layers. The Lanugo hairs secure the vernix caseosa in place and it is very thick around the eyebrows.

The vernix caseosa is very important since it protects the baby's fragile skin from the continuous immersion in amniotic fluid. It's like a paste and baby will be born with it on his skin.

Your baby is swallowing more and more, which is very good practice for the digestive system.

Your little one is also producing meconium, which is a black, sticky substance that's from cell loss, digestive secretion, and swallowed amniotic fluid. The meconium will accumulate in the baby's bowels and be passed as the first dirty diaper. Although some baby's may pass it during delivery. My oldest son passed his during delivery.

The fingernails and toenails are growing. All the organs and structures of your baby's body are already formed and your baby is now coming into a period of simple growth.

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