21 Weeks Pregnant...
Sleep Tight

  • fetal age = 19 weeks

You're 21 weeks pregnant and your baby is about 10.5 inches and weighs about 13 ounces. Your baby already has a favorite sleeping position, whether he likes to sleep with his arms up over his head or across his chest, or maybe he likes to be stretched out.

When my 3rd son was born, he liked to stretch his legs out straight and always slept like that as a baby. Maybe he felt so stuffed in my belly, that he needed to stretch out!

The baby's eyebrows and eyelids are fully developed. Your baby's blood circulation is completely functional and the bone marrow has started making blood cells. Baby's small intestine is starting to absorb sugars swallowed from the amniotic fluid.

At this point the baby moves on average about 200 times a day. Remember, he still has a lot of room in there to move around. When baby gets bigger, he won't have as much room to move around.

If your having a baby girl, her vagina is formed, but will continue to develop until she's born. If your having a baby boy, the testes begin to descend from the abdomen during this week. While girls are born with their eggs, boys don't produce sperm until puberty.

Have you ever noticed a steady rythimic thump in your belly? That means your baby is hiccuping! This is a normal reflex of the diaphragm. All 3 of my baby's went through a period of having hiccups. I would just rub that spot and think, "awww, my baby has hiccups!".

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