23 Weeks Pregnant...
Your little Wiggle Worm

  • fetal age = 21 weeks

You're 23 weeks pregnant and your baby is about a foot long and weighs about one pound! Your baby love to hear your voice and will recognize daddy's voice too. If you softly push on your belly, your baby is sure to respond and may kick back as if he's saying, "Hey! I'm in here!"

Your baby continues to practice "breathing". He inhales the amniotic fluid that flows through the lungs and the alveoli expand a little and contract a bit the same way they will do with oxygen after the birth. This is excellent exercise to prepare for breathing of actual air. The amniotic fluid baby "inhales" is then recycled as urine.

Your baby's taste buds are still developing and the bones are continuing to harden. Baby can now successfully suck on his thumb.

The bones located in the middle ear harden while the inner ear (which controls balance) is fully developed. Your baby may be able to sense if he is right side up or upside down in the womb. The skin pigment is now forming on your baby.

Although fat is being deposited at a quick rate, your baby is still red, wrinkled and skinny. Skin is produced much quicker than the fat, that's why the skin is so loose. The baby's skin color is red because the pigment is starting to form and he's losing the transparent look of the skin.

The pancreas is still developing and is responsible for insulin production. Insulin is necessary for your body to use and breakdown sugar. Your baby's muscles, bones and organs are growing at a steady rate.

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