29 Weeks Pregnant...
OUCH! Baby's kicks are STRONG

  • fetal age = 27 weeks

You're 29 weeks pregnant and your baby is about 15 inches long and weighs about 2.5 pounds.

Do you still feel when your baby gets hiccups? I used to always feel it in my third trimester and thought it was just so precious! Your baby does "practice breathing" for that big day when he takes a breath of fresh air.

This week your baby's spleen is now in charge of the formation of blood or blood cells in the body, especially in the bone marrow. This process is called hematopoiesis.

Your little baby has been going (sing with me) "pee-pee in the belly, pee-pee in the belly". I used to sing pee-pee in the potty to my boys when I was potty training them, sorry...I got beside myself:) Anyway back to baby.

Your baby has been peeing in the amniotic sac for a while now and actually swallows some of it along with the amniotic fluid. Sounds gross doesn't it, don't worry, their urine is actually sterile and because it's part of the amniotic fluid, it's replaced all throughout the day several times.

Your baby is doing a lot of moving isn't he? Sometimes baby may kick so hard that it really hurts you! Not much room to do a whole lot anymore, but he's still squirming around in there.

During the third trimester, about 250 milligrams of calcium are deposited in your baby's skeleton every day. No wonder our teeth take a toll! Fill up on calcium mom.

Research has shown that your baby can recognize your voice. This means that your little punkin' can already recognize, learn and remember.

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