40 Weeks Pregnant
Countdown is Over...IT's TIME!!

  • fetal age = 38 weeks
You're 40 weeks pregnant and you've definitely arrived at your due date. Babies are all different sizes when born.

My first son was 19.5 inches long weighing 7lbs. 4oz., my second son was 19.5 inches long weighing 8lbs, and my third son was 21.25 inches long weighing 7lbs. 14.5oz.

You may get similar results or slightly different ones. In any case....your due date is here!

Breakdown of where the weight goes during pregnancy:

  • baby 7 ½ pounds
  • placenta and membranes 1 ½ pounds
  • amniotic fluid 1 ¾ pounds
  • uterus 2 ¼ pounds
  • extra blood 2 ¾ pounds
  • breasts 1 ¼ pounds
  • extra fat supply 5 ¼ pounds
  • extra fluid 4 ½ pounds

At 40 weeks pregnant your baby's lungs are mature and he's just waiting patiently for that big moment. Your baby will decide when he's ready to come out through the release of the stress hormone cortisol along with the hormones adrenalin and endorphin. The hormone enters your blood through the placenta and this will start the contractions.

Your cervix has to soften and thin out and then it has to dilate. Your baby may sleep through all of this until your ready to push.

The hormones adrenalin and endorphin play an important role during labor and birth. Endorphin is an natural pain-reducing hormone that is produced by the body itself. It helps to tone down the pain from the contractions. The more you can calm yourself in between contractions the more endorphin will be released into your blood.

Endorphin helps contractions get stronger which makes the cervix dilate faster. Fear causes adrenaline to be released into your blood, which slows down the contractions and makes the pain almost unbearable.

It can be so hard to be calm when those contractions really kick in. As the contractions get more intense, it starts to seem unbearable.

Normally if this is your first baby, the labor can take longer than if this is your second or third or so on.

  • With my first son I had an epidural and I was in labor for 12 hours total.
  • With my second son, I was in labor for 2 hours and didn't have time to get an epidural.
  • With my third baby, my total time was 1 whole hour! That was lovely but scary. I had barely made it to the hospital. As soon as I got in the room I was begging for an epidural because I knew what to expect. The nurse said she needed to check me first and as soon as she did she said I was already 9cm dilated! Right after she checked me I felt so much pressure and needed to push. I actually stayed pretty calm and couldn't believe how well I was handling everything.

One piece of advise I can give during labor, especially if you don't get an epidural or don't have time for any type of pain medication, is to push against the contractions. I mean truly push hard as if your taking a number 2. It worked for me.

With my second son I pushed so hard against the contraction and I noticed that it honestly took the pain away. So of course when it came again I pushed right away to relieve the pain. The doctor told me not to push yet and I was thinking, "sh**, shut up and take that baby out!" I pushed anyway, I had to do what I had to do to relieve the pain since I didn't have any medication. With my third son, I pushed against the contractions and it helped relieve the pain again. So I honestly think that that works.

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