7 Weeks Pregnant...
growing and growing and growing

  • fetal age = 5 weeks

There is something new growing or developing every week. Your 7 weeks pregnant, it's amazing how far your baby has came...33 more to go! Sounds like a lot doesn't it, but don't worry...you'll be holding your little bundle of joy in no time.

The baby is still considered an embryo and he measures about a 1/2 inch in length now and still weighs less than 1 gram. While everything is growing bigger and stronger the only thing growing smaller is the tail, which will soon disappear.

The heart has one chamber and it's beating fast and bulges from the body. The liver is giving out red blood cells until the bone marrow develops and takes over. The first red blood cells are created.

The legs now have little knees and itty bitty toes are starting to form. The hands and feet actually look like paddles more than anything. The most visible feature on it's head is the eyes and ears. The eyes are starting to move from the side of the head to the front and the tiny little eyelids are developing. The head is still relatively big compared to the rest of the body. The lower jaw and the vocal cords are starting to form as well.

7 Weeks Pregnant
7 Weeks Pregnant

During the baby's magnificent transformation, he actually goes through 3 different sets of kidneys, and during week 7 is when he goes through his second set.

The baby's bones are starting to harden throughout his body. He's already moving around kicking and swimming, but he's way too small for you to feel him...but don't worry, soon enough you will feel your little karate kid or little ballerina!

Your baby is working so hard to become big and strong and your body is still working overtime to give him what he needs to GROW big and strong!

Feeling hung over?

Just a little something called "morning sickness"

please excuse the baby dust, we're still developing

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