8 Weeks Pregnant...
your little peanut!

  • fetal age = 6 weeks

Your 8 weeks pregnant and WOW, your baby is now about 3/4 of an inch big and weighs about a gram! The speed of development that baby is going through is still at a rapid pace...no slowing down just yet.

Cartilage is present prior to the actual formation of bones and the beginnings of a skeleton are being created. The stomach is producing gastric juices while the liver is making blood cells and the brain starts to work now.

The arms can now bend at the elbows and wrist and curve slightly over the heart. The hand and foot plates are forming ridges where little fingers and toes will grow, and the tail (which is really just the spinal cord) is almost gone.

The aortic and pulmonary valves are present and noticeable in the heart. The baby's eyelids are just about covering the eyes and nerve cells in the retina are beginning to form. Breathing tubes are extending from his throat to the branches of his developing lungs.

The middle ear, which is responsible for baby's hearing and balance, also starts development this week, although he can't hear yet. The tip of the (soon to be) cute little nose is present.

The external genitals still haven't developed enough to reveal the sex of your baby, but you will know soon enough. All essential organs have at least begun it's formation. Your baby is looking more and more human each and every day. The body is getting longer and straightening out.

On my ultrasound with my first and second, my baby looked just like a little peanut at 8 weeks.

Sometimes the prenatal vitamins can make you feel sick, but please keep taking them...just think, this is for my baby's health...*whew* this is for my baby's health.

Have any cravings kicked in yet?

you may be as picky as your baby will be as a toddler

please excuse the baby dust, we're still developing

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