First Trimester

The first three months of your pregnancy is considered to be the first trimester, weeks 1-13.

During this time the baby is called an embryo. The embryo undergoes tremendous growth and many changes during this period.This is also the most critical time in a pregnancy as most miscarriages happen during this stage.

This is when your baby does the most of it's developing, and is also the time where he/she stands the biggest chance of developing any complications.

You'll need to make slight changes in your life to take care of yourself and your growing baby such as taking prenatal vitamins, cutting down on caffeine and eliminating alcohol and drinking plenty of fluids.

Your baby's gender is determined at conception and the doctor may or may not be able to tell via ultrasound by the end of the first trimester.

Your baby will develop from just a few cells, about the size of a pin head to about 8-9cm from crown to rump. Your baby will also start to develop his ears, eyes, teeth buds, fingers, toes, vital organs and even urine.

As the first trimester comes to an end, your uterus resembles the size of a grapefruit and your little baby is about the size of a cherry. Isn't that so precious!! Some women may show by the end of the third month, while others can still 'hide it'.

Some symptoms you may experience during the first trimester are:

  • Tender Breasts ~ the increase in hormone production may make your breasts unusually sensitive.

  • Nausea ~ this is most likely due to hormonal changes. Nausea tends to be worse in the morning, but it can last all day long.

  • Fatigue ~ You may feel tired as your body gets prepared to support your pregnancy. Your heart will pump faster and harder, and your pulse will also quicken.

  • Increased Urination ~ your enlarging uterus pressing on your bladder will make you have to go to the bathroom more often.

  • Lightheaded or Dizziness ~ Normal circulatory changes in early pregnancy can leave you feeling a little dizzy or lightheaded. Stress, fatigue and hunger may also play a role.

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