hug-a-bug blankies
hug-a-bug blankie

Have you ever been out shopping or running errands and you cover your baby with that beautiful, soft, cozy blanket to keep him/her warm during those cold winter months?

You have the car seat in one hand, maybe bags in the other...then all of a sudden your baby blanket falls off? Isn't that so frustrating! Now your blanket is dirty, you already have your hands full, the last thing you need is to have to bend over just to pick up the blanket.

Don't you wish that there was a blanket that was strapped in with your baby and no matter what it stays put?

The hug-a-bug blankie is perfect for you!

No more falling blankets, no more dirty car seats, no more hassle!

hug-a-bug blankie with baby

The unique feature of the hug-a-bug blankie is that it straps right into your baby's car seat.

Look how cozy your little one will be with our hug-a-bug blankie! There are so many different fabric designs to choose from. We will update the pictures as soon as they are available. Just indicate if the blankie you want is for a boy or girl and we will make sure you are satisfied.

clover shaped hug-a-bug blankieThe material is winter weight fleece. Beautiful stitching along the edge of the blankie according to the design of the fabric. These blankies are clover leaf shaped with openings for the straps and buckle. Thats what makes them very unique because that makes the blankie fold just right around your baby.

All new mommy's and daddy's could use a hug-a-bug blankie by Linda!

The other great thing about these blankies is that you won't have to worry too much about those dirty car seats covers. We all know that car seat covers can get dirty. It becomes a hassel to remove the car seat cover just to wash them. With the blankies you can avoid all the hassle of washing the car seat cover constantly. The blankie is so easy to strap in and even easier to remove, so cleaning will be a breeze.

hug-a-bug blankie strapped in carseat
Worry more about which hug-a-bug blankie you want to put in your baby's car seat, instead of needing to wash the cover over and over.

These blankies are so convenient and adorable that you'll want to have more than one and you'll want to share them with friends and family.

pink sample
$27.00 + s&h

Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery. Most of the time, delivery will be sooner, but for those "just in case" moments. As soon as your blankie is shipped, you will receive an email so you know to expect it soon. If you have any special instructions you will be able to make note of it during checkout or you can contact us at sales@peek-a-boo-pregnancy.com.

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