Pregnancy after Miscarriage...
trying to cope

If your dealing with a pregnancy after miscarriage, it can be emotionally straining.

After going through the heartache of a loss, it can be natural to want to get pregnant again right away. At the same time it's best to wait a few cycles before conceiving again. This is for your emotional and physical well being.

Having a few cycles will also help your body flush out any blood clots or tissue that may have been left over from the prior pregnancy.

There really is no 'perfect' time as far as waiting to get pregnant again. Women have conceived right after a miscarriage and go on to have a healthy pregnancy. For other women it can be a risk for another heartbreaking loss.

Your health care provider may encourage you to wait at least a few months to help strengthen the chance of you having a healthy pregnancy.

It does take time for the uterus to recover from a miscarriage and for the endometrial lining to become strong and healthy again. If your body is not ready to support a pregnancy by the time you conceive again, you will face an increased risk of experiencing another miscarriage.

Please don't blame yourself if you do go through an unfortunate loss. Normally, once a pregnancy starts to miscarry, there is very little anyone can do to help prevent it. All you can do is put it in the Lord's hands, he WILL take care of it.

The most common cause of a miscarriage appear to be a chromosomal abnormality from the time of conception. One of these types of miscarriages is called a 'blighted ovum'.

What ever you do decide, just try to talk to someone especially if you are emotionally upset about the miscarriage you have just went through. Talking can help heal your heart.

Below are books that can help you through the healing process:

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An Empty Cradle, a Full Heart: Reflections for Mothers and Fathers After Miscarriage, Stillbirth, or Infant Death

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After Miscarriage: Medical Facts and Emotional Support for Pregnancy Loss

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