The warden was at a loss for a moment, his smile slipping and his eyes widening.
“Your Majesty?”


What did he do wrong? Wasn't His Majesty always fond of these things?


“Spare this official, Your Majesty! Spare this official, Your Majesty!”


Li Jinyu was initially so angry that he wanted to have the warden thrown into the “hamster wheel” to experience it for himself, but he hesitated when the words were about to come out.


The bloody scene was too terrifying, and he couldn't bring himself to give such an order.

In the end, Li Jinyu simply dismissed and investigated the warden.


But when it came to finding a new prison warden, Li Jinyu was faced with a dilemma.


There was no one to replace him.


Everyone in the high ranks of the prison was just as bad as the previous official, using flattery and torture to win the favor of Emperor Jingchang.


Normal people who weren't locked up in the prison were either trying to transfer out of the palace or had already done so.


Li Jinyu wistfully thought of his beloved hamster wheel, climbing frame, lookout tower, swing, slide, and seesaw…


Someone has to build all these things!


The skilled craftsmen who were good at making them in the palace had been recruited to expand the internal prison by Emperor Jingchang.


Li Jinyu was conflicted for a moment, but then a light bulb suddenly flashed in his mind, “Why am I even considering to replace the warden in the inner prison?”


The very existence of the inner prison itself was abnormal!


By bypassing the laws of the court and acting solely for the Emperor's personal desires, anyone, including commoners or even high-ranking officials, could be arbitrarily arrested and executed.


In the novel, the first thing Huo Caiyu did after ascending the throne was to abolish the inner prison!


It shouldn't be a problem to do it a bit earlier, right?


The more Li Jinyu thought about it, the more he felt it was feasible.
He eagerly ordered, “Someone, prepare an edict.
Zhen wants to abolish the inner prison!”


The abolition of a department was not a small matrer.
Not to mention the interests involved in various places in the palace, even Consort Xian sent someone to persuade him.


Annoyed, Li Jinyu slammed the table, threatening, “If you keep babbling, Zhen will throw you all into that wheel!”


The people below fell silent collectively.


Recently, the Emperor's temper had been getting better, and they had almost forgotten about his past “glorious achievements.”


The abolition of the inner prison was secretly welcomed by the low-level eunuchs and palace maids.


Following the expansion of the inner prison, it was not only the Emperor who utilized it, but also certain ruthless concubines and high-ranking eunuchs who would send those who committed mistakes to the inner prison.
Once someone was sent there, it was exceedingly rare for them to leave the prison alive.


Now that the Emperor had abolished the inner prison, they could all breathe a little easier knowing that they wouldn't constantly face the threat of death.




Abolishing the inner prison didn't mean that the primary duties of the prison also need to be terminated.


There should also be a system of rewards and punishments within the palace, and it was not practical using the resources of the three government offices.


Li Jinyu wanted to pass this headache of a problem onto Huo Caiyu.
“Huo Aiqing, what do you think?”


Huo Caiyu pondered for a moment before answering, “There's still a need for a monitoring system for the palace people.
Your Majesty can restructure the inner prison by categorizing and placing individuals accordingly.”


The inner prison had previously possessed various powers such as legislation, judiciary, law enforcement, and supervision, which exceeded those of the ordinary legal system, and the sole person who had control over it was the Emperor himself.


Li Jinyu nodded and tried to recall the contents of the novel regarding the new arrangements made by Huo Caiyu after abolishing the inner prison.
Following the original plot, he ordered, “Re-establish the Washing and Weaving Bureau, and from now on, the palace staffs who make mistakes will be punished according to the law by the Washing and Weaving Bureau.
No palace may use private punishment.
The existing craftsmen will be reorganized into Iron and Wood Bureau, responsible for making palace equipments.”


He then reassigned the remaining personnel to other departments.
Li Jinyu looked back at the surprised expression on Huo Caiyu's face and suddenly realized something.
He emphasized, “When issuing the decree, remember to emphasize that it is Huo Aiqing's plan.”


Huo Caiyu was slightly startled but didn't refute it, only showed a bitter smile on his face.


His Majesty was determined to use him as a shield…


Seeing that His Majesty dismantled the inner prison and rearranged it in an orderly manner, he must have been planning to abolish the inner prison for a long time.


Huo Caiyu turned his head and looked at the terrible instruments of torture being slowly carried out.
Hearing Li Jinyu seriously instructing Chief Kang to “remember to recreate the wheel that Zhen requested when the Iron and Wood Bureau is established,” he lightly tapped the paper with his finger, and a hint of contemplation flashed in his brown eyes.


He initially thought that His Majesty had the inner prison built this huge wheel in order to make trouble with them, but it seemed that His Majesty really wanted it?


Just what was His Majesty planning to do with this giant wheel that could hold a living person?


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