ls are still deliberating on the matter.”

Princess Tama’s persistence didn’t shake Huo Caiyu’s composure, and she continued bombarding him with questions.
The accompanying envoy noticed this and frowned, tapping Princess Tama’s back to gain her attention.
Speaking in the language of Jiao Kingdom, he asked her softly, “What are you doing? Didn’t I instruct you to go find the Emperor of Great Di?”

“I find this Regent quite handsome as well,” Princess Tama responded in Jiao Kingdom’s language, her lovely eyes sparkling.
“Watch me win him over.”

The envoy furrowed his brow.

“Don’t worry, my father sent me here to sow discord among the top ranks of Great Di, didn’t he?” Princess Tama shrugged nonchalantly, flicking her hair.
“It would be ideal if the Regent and the Emperor competed for my favor, wouldn’t it?”

The envoy fell silent for a moment, then sighed and cautioned her, “Be cautious.
The success of Jiao Kingdom’s grand plan rests on this meeting.
The individuals occupying the high positions in Great Di should not be underestimated.”

Princess Tama dismissively waved the envoy away, persisting in her flirtation with Huo Caiyu.
Huo Caiyu maintained his composed expression, averting his gaze from them.
He was adept at lip-reading and understood the language of Jiao Kingdom.
Being the son of a border general, despite having access to interpreters, he deemed it necessary to learn Jiao Kingdom’s language himself.

During Huo Caiyu’s youth, he displayed remarkable progress in his studies of poetry, literature, and military strategy.
His father also imparted to him the knowledge of Jiao Kingdom’s language.

When Princess Tama had her back turned, she was unaware that Huo Caiyu understood every word of the envoy’s warning.

Jiao Kingdom’s grand plan?

It didn’t require much thought to discern the nature of the Jiao Kingdom’s “grand plan”.

Their purpose in offering tribute this time undoubtedly concealed ulterior motives.

Huo Caiyu became even more determined to keep the princess away from His Majesty.

Setting aside all other considerations, among the numerous children of the Late Emperor, only the current Emperor had grown up in good health.
If Princess Tama were to assassinate His Majesty, the Di Dynasty would be thrown into immediate chaos!

While contemplating how to approach His Majesty and persuade him to reject Princess Tama’s presence in the palace, Huo Caiyu suddenly heard Li Jinyu’s voice filled with doubt, “Something seems strange.”

Huo Caiyu immediately refocused his attention on His Majesty.


They occupied the observation deck at the resort’s summit, granting them an expansive view that encompassed nearly half of the hunting grounds.

From this vantage point, they witnessed the two teams representing the Di Dynasty and the Jiao Kingdom embarking in divergent directions to engage in the hunt for both wild and prepared game.

The game had been captured in advance to ensure today’s hunting results.
These animals had been adequately nourished and provided with water for several days, with only water offered in the final two days.
This ensured their innate wildness as they were released from their cages, allowing them to forage for sustenance.

To maintain fairness, the game had been dispersed relatively evenly across different locations.

However, when gazing down from above, a majority of the game appeared to be gravitating towards the Jiao Kingdom’s vicinity, which was evidently anomalous.

A crease formed on Huo Caiyu’s forehead.

Something was evidently strange.
The situation was far from normal.

He cast a quick glance at the envoy.

The envoy responded with a smile and maintained his silence.
It was Princess Princess Tama who elegantly flipped her wavy brown hair and spoke with a charming smile, addressing the Regent, “Regent, I wonder if you are curious about the extraordinary fortune of our Jiao Kingdom’s warriors?”

Huo Caiyu maintained his composed demeanor and chose not to reply.

Nevertheless, Princess Tama persisted in her courteous manner and continued, “Our Jiao Kingdom’s warriors are blessed by the God of Trickery, having been bathed in the sacred waters of the deity since birth.
They possess the ability to triumph in every battle and accomplish anything they set their minds to.”

Such baseless claims might deceive common people, but Huo Caiyu would not entertain a single word of it.

The Jiao Kingdom clung to the ancient legend of the mythical creature known as the “Jiao”.
It was described as resembling a canine with leopard-like spots, boasting bull-like horns, and emitting a barking sound.
According to the belief, the kingdom would prosper when the Jiao appeared, as it was regarded as their ancestor.

However, throughout the years, the Jiao deity’s true power had never manifested, leaving the Great Di Dynasty to scoff at their faith.

Huo Caiyu focused his inner energy and directed his gaze towards the hunting ground.

The Great Di Generals participating in the hunt quickly realized that something was wrong.
Their extensive knowledge of the hunting ground’s terrain allowed them to discern the abnormal movement patterns of the prey.

Fortunately, being seasoned hunters, they swiftly devised countermeasures, closely tailing the prey’s new trajectory.

Judging from the current circumstances, the disparity between the two sides was not particularly significant.

Huo Caiyu eased up slightly.

“It appears that Great Di may be on the verge of losing,” the Jiao Kingdom’s envoy suddenly interjected, wearing a smile on his face.
“What was it that Great Di mentioned? Something about conceding, Your Highness the Regent?”

The attending ministers couldn’t help but display traces of anger.

It was evident that the current situation was the result of manipulation by the Jiao Kingdom, but they were unsure how to provide concrete evidence.

Huo Caiyu’s expression remained unchanged as he responded, “The hunt is not yet concluded.”

His words seemed to serve as a signal, prompting the Great Di Generals in the hunting ground to adopt a new approach.

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