purpose of coming this time was to gather intelligence and strike a blow to the morale of Great Di.
They never expected to directly assassinate the Emperor.
According to the intelligence they had obtained before, this Emperor was completely useless, and letting him continue to sit on the throne was not harmful to their Jiao Kingdom.

Who would have thought that this Emperor would suddenly go crazy in front of their warriors?

Huo Caiyu lowered his head and heard the words “smells so good” from the Emperor’s mouth, then raised his head and stared at those Jiao warriors, “What scent did you apply on yourselves?”

The envoy’s face changed slightly.
“Our warriors are naturally tough, how could they use fragrance like you people of Great Di? If you don’t believe it, the Regent can come and smell it himself.”

“There are indeed some spices that, when mixed together, cannot be smelled.” Huo Caiyu sneered.
“The spice shops of our Great Di employed aromascent mice that can accurately identify scents that ordinary people cannot detect.
Perhaps our honored guests would like to witness it firsthand?”

Unexpectedly, His Majesty’s sense of smell was unusually sensitive and was also affected.

However, these Jiao people from the neighboring nation even dared to accuse Great Di of not adhering to fair play!

Compared to Great Di’s powerful weapons, wasn’t this behavior of the Jiao Kingdom considered cheating?

Facing the contemptuous gaze of the Great Di officials, the envoy had to brazenly say, “Our warriors went out for the first time and acted on their own due to their eagerness to win.
We ask the Regent not to take it into account.”

“Hmm.” Huo Caiyu tightened his grip on Li Jinyu, tilting his head slightly as a signal.
“Take these people down.”

The envoy knew that the Great Di’s Emperor had been affected by the scent and would need a few scapegoats.
He pursed his lips and said nothing.

“Wait.” Princess Tama approached, furrowing her brow as she looked at Li Jinyu, who had a confused look in his eyes while in Huo Caiyu’s arms.
She pulled her bracelet slightly and said, “Tama knows magic.
Can Tama take a look?”

When Huo Caiyu embraced Li Jinyu, he had already checked his pulse, which appeared similar to that of someone who had been drugged.

Having no trust for this woman from the neighboring country, he responded coldly, “There’s no need.”

Huo Caiyu scooped up Li Jinyu and headed toward the bedroom in the palace, leaving behind a final instruction.
“Take these Jiao people to the dungeon for interrogation, and await His Majesty’s verdict once he regains consciousness!”


When Li Jinyu regained consciousness, he was sitting on the dragon throne, leaning against Huo Caiyu’s arms.

Huo Caiyu held a cup of chilled, mint-flavored tea in his right hand, gently patting Li Jinyu’s back with his left arm.

Li Jinyu blinked in confusion and tentatively spoke, “Huo Caiyu?”

“Is Your Majesty awake?” Huo Caiyu set down the cold tea and picked up a fan nearby, using it to fan Li Jinyu.
“Are you still feeling unwell?”

Gradually, Li Jinyu’s mind cleared, and he sat up, feeling perplexed.
He moved his arms slightly.
“Zhen doesn’t think there’s any problem.”

Huo Caiyu, with a concerned expression, checked Li Jinyu’s pulse once again and finally let out a sigh of relief.

“Your Majesty, what happened earlier?”

Li Jinyu scratched his ear and recalled, hesitating, “At that time, I only remembered that those people had a special scent on them that made me want to get close to them, and then my head started spinning.”

Although he knew it was not the Emperor’s intention, the words “want to get close” still momentarily pained Huo Caiyu’s heart.

“The envoy has already provided the perfume used by those individuals.
It’s a juice called ‘Beast-Attracting Flower’, a special product of Jiao Kingdom.
It has no effect on humans but can attract wild animals.” Huo Caiyu poured a cup of tea for the Emperor and placed it in front of him.
“Based on the Jiao Kingdom’s special product, this official and the imperial physician have prepared an antidote.”

When Li Jinyu heard “no effects on humans”, his body suddenly stiffened, thinking that his identity had been discovered, and instinctively touched his head.

No ears popping out.

“This official and the imperial physician have discussed it.
It may be because Your Majesty’s physique is different from ordinary people, and Your Majesty are more sensitive to the fragrance of the Beast-Attracting Flower.” Huo Caiyu’s eyes followed Li Jinyu’s hand and stopped at his head.
“Does Your Majesty still feel dizzy?”

Relieved that his identity had not been exposed, Li Jinyu coughed and reassured, “It’s alright.
Zhen is fine now.”

He stood up from Huo Caiyu’s embrace and walked around for a while.

Huo Caiyu observed that the Emperor had indeed regained his spirits and then brought up another matter, “How does Your Majesty plan to handle those who used the Beast-Attracting Flower?”

If he followed Emperor Jingchang’s temperament, anyone who dared to offend him would generally end up losing their head.

However, he had never killed anyone before, nor had he ever ordered an execution…

Li Jinyu hesitated for a moment, attempting to pass the responsibility onto someone else.
“What is the Regent’s opinion on this matter?”

“Those individuals employed distasteful tactics in the competition between our nations and nearly caused harm to Your Majesty.
It would not be excessive to execute them according to the law.” Huo Caiyu perceived the Emperor’s reluctance, and his heart softened slightly.
“If Your Majesty believes they might have some other value, we can temporarily detain them.”

The main force that the Jiao Kingdom envoy brought to provoke the Di Dynasty must hold some significance in Jiao Kingdom.
Perhaps through interrogating them, they could acquire valuable information.

Li Jinyu quickly nodded in agreement, “Yes!”

It would be best to avoid causing any unnecessary harm!

Huo Caiyu’s expression softened slightly, “Your Majesty, please take a moment to rest.
This official will handle the matter with the Jiao Kingdom’s envoy.”

Before departing, Huo Caiyu had a sudden realization, turned his head to face Li Jinyu, and spoke earnestly, “Your Majesty, the Jiao Kingdom is deceitful and cunning.
The perfume they used has a special effect, so Your Majesty must exercise caution.”

Li Jinyu didn’t fully grasp Huo Caiyu’s meaning.
“Zhen agrees with you.”

“This official was contemplating the matter concerning Princess Tama…” Huo Caiyu delicately hinted, “Your Majesty, it would be best to avoid any contact with her.”

Li Jinyu finally understood Huo Caiyu’s intention.

He had planned to assign Princess Tama to work on the farm and had no intentions of engaging in any “intimate” relationship with her.
However, seeing how serious Huo Caiyu was about addressing the issue, he suddenly had a thought – ever since the hunting trip, Huo Caiyu had been interfering between him and Princess Tama…

Could it be that Huo Caiyu was interested in Princess Tama?

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