ails with that transparent nail polish.

In the world covered in pure white snow, this valley was like a gem set in a recess, where lush green forests and crops shimmered in harmony with the serene blue lake, creating a small world of its own.
And from that moment on, the name of this little world became the Shui Jing Gong.

Inside the Shui Jing Gong, on a gently swaying small wooden boat, a dormouse diligently outlined and painted while a person smiled lightly and allowed it.
Sometimes, they even pointed out where the nail polish was slightly too thick by 0.1 millimeters.
The little dormouse immediately became like a diligent painter, tiptoeing across a finger, stepping in the gaps between the fingers, and then carefully applying the polish.

This manicure session lasted a long time, and Shu Shuishui even found a drop of red paint from his spiritual storage to create floral patterns on Gu Langu’s hands, delineating delicate blood-red petals.

The brilliant red blossomed on Gu Langu’s snow-white nails, unexpectedly adding a touch of allure.
Those slender hands were no longer chilly and restrained but seemed to have broken something, exuding a bold, radiant charm.
“Do you know what flower this is, Gu Gu?”

Gu Langu’s eyes darkened slightly as he replied, “Amaryllis.”

Shu Shuishui nodded.
“It’s said that amaryllis is quite melancholic.
Flowers give birth to leaves, leaves give birth to flowers, but they never meet again.
However, if the flowers knew that they would bloom when they shed their leaves and that they were from the same root and branch, even if they didn’t meet, they would be content, which is why they willingly bloom one after another.”

On those jade-like nails, the enchanting amaryllis seemed to truly be as Shu Shuishui said, each one was content and satisfied, a tragedy in the eyes of others, but as long as they were from the same root and branch, they would persevere.


Gu Langu reached out with his other hand to touch it but was stopped by Shu Shuishui’s tiny paw.
“It hasn’t dried completely yet, Gu Gu, be patient and wait a little longer.”

Gu Langu obediently put his hand down.

After finishing one hand, Shu Shuishui went to work on the other, and when all ten fingers were done, the little dormouse finally patted his paws in satisfaction, indicating that the job was done.

And so, when they gathered around for lunch at noon, everyone’s gaze instinctively turned to Gu Langu’s hands, those strangely attractive hands.

Yu Jin looked for a while and couldn’t help but say, “Boss, your hands…”

Gu Langu lifted his chin slightly.
“Painted by Shui Shui.”

Yu Jin immediately offered his own hands, presenting them to Shu Shuishui.
“Shui Shui, Shui Shui! Take a look at my hands.
Is there something missing on it?”

Shu Shuishui glanced at it.
“Is it missing in terms of appearance?”


Xie Feng burst into laughter, nearly choking on himself.
It’s not like they hadn’t known  ShuShuishui for a long time.
Yu Jin was still not using his brain, trying to get Shu Shuishui to follow common sense.
It was a bit of a luck-based approach.

Yu Jin silently withdrew his hands, feeling that this world was too unfriendly.
It was bad enough that they judged by appearance, but now they were even judging by hands!

Along with the newfound name of the Shui Jing Gong, another thing that gained popularity was Gu Langu’s hands.
The blooming blood-red flowers looked surprisingly domineering.
In addition, with nothing much to do in the valley, many people started delving into the philosophy of nail art.
In just a few days, they actually became quite skilled.
After all, there were plenty of flowers and plants in the valley, and they had no shortage of dyes.

However, for some reason, even though they were both red, when they dyed their nails, they couldn’t bear to look at their own, while Gu Langu’s nails seemed outrageously impressive.
Could it really be about looking at the hands?

With the availability of dyes, Shu Shuishui thought about developing the art of weaving.
It just so happened that Shu Shuishui obtained a batch of spirit silkworms from the Dreamland, and Gu Langu obtained spirit mulberry wood.
It was probably the best reward they had received in the past few days.

With Shu Shuishui’s array support, everyone in the base cautiously began sericulture1is the practice of breeding and raising silkworms (Bombyx mori) for the production of silk..
To be honest, in the current era of the galaxy, silk was considered an antique.
It had transitioned from being used for clothing to being used for decorations.
When they said they wanted to raise silkworms, it was still quite novel for everyone.

Fortunately, Nan Ge and the others had raised them before in the dungeon, and the spirit silkworm babies grew plump and white.
This made Shu Shuishui go around them several times a day.
Sometimes, he even secretly transformed into a dormouse at night, quietly climbed onto the silkworm-raising rack, and happily squatted on the edge to watch the spirit silkworms nibble on mulberry leaves.
Then, he would be discovered by Gu Langu and carried back to the tent.

After a few times, Gu Langu had to remind him, “Even if they are chubby and white, they are not our children.”

Shu Shuishui shrugged and nodded, finally promising not to sneak out at night to watch them again.
However, when Gu Langu fell asleep, Shu Shuishui secretly took out a small notebook from his spiritual storage, opened it, grabbed a pen, and quickly wrote down two sentences: “Clearly, Gu Gu also wants to be enlightened.
He thought I didn’t notice him secretly reading storybooks to the spirit silkworm babies.
Humph! Well, let’s pretend I didn’t notice!”


Closing the small notebook, the cover of the notebook looked very familiar.
On the top was written a few large characters: ‘Pet Care Guide!’ Surprisingly, it was the same notebook Shu Shuishui had used to record when he was raising the humanoid pet Gu Langu.

However, on the cover, the word ‘pet’ had been crossed out with two horizontal lines, replaced by two words written below: ‘lover.’

So, the correct interpretation of the small notebook had changed at some point to become: ‘Lover Care Guide. ’”

1is the practice of breeding and raising silkworms (Bombyx mori) for the production of silk.

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