ad given up thinking about what GuLangu was currently doing and was enjoying a rare moment of reading, getting lost in his thoughts.

Suddenly, a knocking sound interrupted Yu Jin’s thoughts.
He got up to open the door and found Brother Nan, who returned covered in dust.
“Brother Nan, you’re finally back.
The boss has also returned today.”

Brother Nan entered the room and poured himself a glass of water.
He was accompanied by two other people, but after greeting Yu Jin, they left, indicating that they didn’t live there.
“The boss has returned? Where is he?”

Yu Jin’s mind jumped reflexively.
“Um… He’s probably just finished playing with toy models, or maybe telling bedtime stories? Or singing lullabies?”

“What?” Brother Nan clearly didn’t understand.

Yu Jin pointed in the direction of Gu Langu’s bedroom on the second floor.
“The boss brought a little fairy back this time, with a really sweet mouth.
He’s completely infatuated, and the little fairy is super cute.
Just one smile from it will make your heart melt.”

Brother Nan: ??? Did he misunderstand something? “The boss found a girlfriend?”

Yu Jin paused for a moment.
“From the voice, it should be a male.”

“What?” Brother Nan became more confused as he listened, but he was accustomed to Yu Jin’s perplexing and enigmatic character.
Although he was a bit puzzled, he didn’t take it too seriously.

To be honest, on this planet, anyone could find a boyfriend, but Nan Ge was certain that Gu Langu wouldn’t.
Gu Langu had no desires in that aspect at all.
If one day the boss really did bring a boyfriend back, even if it was just a dormouse, Brother Nan would be overjoyed to the point of tears.

After settling the little dormouse, Gu Langu faintly heard Brother Nan’s voice and came out of the room.

Yu Jin immediately became obedient.
“Boss, please sit.
Brother Nan must have brought back some news.”

Gu Langu didn’t refuse and came downstairs to sit at the table.

“This time we do have news.
The news of the cold wave is true.
It’s the reward obtained by the people from Zone B after winning the simulator challenge.
The management of Cang Zhan Star predicts that Zone B is already building winter equipment,” Brother Nan said.

Yu Jin’s face sagged slightly.
“The news the boss brought today is that the electromagnetic storm won’t expand to Zone C within six months.
But the cold wave is not easy to deal with.
Cang Zhan Star’s winter and summer each last for about half a year.
If the electromagnetic storm sweeps over while the cold wave is still ongoing, what should we do? Should we migrate?”

Brother Nan replied, “Migration is not easy.
Only the key figures in Zone B have knowledge of the cold wave’s movement trajectory.
It’s a gamble to migrate there.
We’re not ready to confront Zone B head-on.”

Yu Jin and Brother Nan couldn’t help but look at Gu Langu, waiting for his response.
After all, Gu Langu had never disappointed them before.

Just as Gu Langu was about to speak, a creaking sound of a door opening suddenly came from upstairs.

Brother Nan saw Gu Langu’s bedroom door silently open without any external force! This eerie situation startled Brother Nan, and he immediately stood up.
“What’s going on?”

In Brother Nan’s vigilant gaze, the faint sound of footsteps echoed.
Brother Nan’s scalp tingled.
Could it be that there really was a ghost? Or a remnant energy being from the native inhabitants of Cang Zhan Star?

At the railing on the second floor, a furry little ball appeared.
The warm brown ball climbed down the stairs step by step, and its gaze casually glanced at the first floor, where Shu Shuishui suddenly noticed the presence of an additional person.

Brother Nan watched as the little dormouse that had just agilely descended the stairs abruptly froze and then quietly moved its body to hide behind a fence, peeking with its furry little head, curiously looking at him.

Brother Nan, wearing a puzzled expression, looked at Shu Shuishui hiding behind the fence and finally spoke after a while.
“Is this the little fairy you were talking about?”

Shu Shuishui’s ears trembled.
This person was sharp; they saw through his identity as a fairy at their first meeting.
So Shu Shuishui became even more cautious and even climbed up another flight of stairs, hiding behind a higher-level fence, peeking with its little head, expressing its vigilant attitude.

Brother Nan: “…”

“Am I that scary?” Brother Nan asked Yu Jin next to him.
“And what exactly is this? Did the boss bring it back? A dyed fur mouse?”

Brother Nan didn’t expect that just after he finished speaking, before Yu Jin and Gu Langu could respond, the little dormouse, only showing its small head behind the fence, instinctively reached up and touched its own little head, as if feeling its hair.


Author’s note:

Shu Shuishui: “Deceptive rat! I didn’t dye my fur!”

And thus, the feud between Shu Shuishui and Brother Nan begins!

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