TL: Moonlit

The resources are abundant, and the mouse is unaware of the complexity of human thoughts.
For Shu Shuishui, a good meal and good sleep are enough for a fulfilling rodent life.
Of course, now there is an additional aspect that ensures the well-being of the humanoid pet.

After the figures of others disappeared completely into the darkness of the night, Shu Shuishui cautiously poked his little head out from the sleeve of Gu Langu’s robe.
Its furry body seemed like liquid, smoothly crawling out through a small gap, and continuing its previous actions.

Climbing along the wrist, it reached the warm sweet potato, extending its sharp little claws.
With the tip of its claws, it made three even strokes following the texture of the sweet potato.
The small movements were swift and decisive, exuding a sense of a skilled martial artist.

After leaving its claw marks, Shu Shuishui proudly puffed up its chest, indicating that Gu Langu could proceed.

As desired by Shu Shuishui, Gu Langu extended his slender fingers and effortlessly peeled off the sweet potato’s skin, much like peeling a banana.
As the slightly dark red skin peeled off, the orange-yellow flesh of the sweet potato flickered amidst the dancing flames, tantalizing one’s taste buds.

The aroma of the roasted sweet potato became even more intense, permeating the entire courtyard with an enticing scent that made one’s mouth water.
The texture of the sweet potato was soft, occasionally shining with a glossy sheen due to the roasting process, without feeling greasy, as it consisted purely of sweet and sugary goodness.

Swayed by the evening breeze, Gu Langu seemed to truly smell that alluring fragrance.
After decades had passed, Gu Langu finally experienced a faint touch of appetite again.

Shu Shuishui licked his claw tip that had just scratched the roasted sweet potato’s skin, then couldn’t wait any longer and leaped off Gu Langu’s hand, rushing towards his own roasted sweet potato.

Afraid that Shu Shuishui might get burned, Gu Langu moved the roasted sweet potato slightly away before Shu Shuishui reached its side.

With his little head held high, Shu Shuishui solemnly expressed gratitude.
“Thank you, Gentleman Gu Langu.”

Gu Langu hooked the corner of his lips and pointed at the sweet potato.
“Thank you too, Gentleman Shu Shuishui.”

Both of them inexplicably thanked each other, then contentedly began eating the sweet and fragrant roasted sweet potato.
Shu Shuishui thought for a moment, then took out two fresh sweet potatoes from the spirit hall and placed them beside the bonfire.

When Yu Jin, Nan Ge, and the rest of the group were properly settled in the resting area and returned to the inn, Gu Langu and Shu Shuishui had already finished eating the roasted sweet potatoes.
However, the rich aroma still lingered in the courtyard.

Yu Jin silently took a deep breath, trying not to make too much noise to avoid appearing embarrassed.

Since arriving at Cang Zhan Star, even having enough food to eat had become a problem, let alone considering the taste.
Moreover, before entering Cang Zhan Star, the Cang Star System had just experienced a large-scale interstellar war, and resources were similarly scarce.
One could imagine the situation on Cang Zhan Star.

Gu Langu sat cross-legged next to the bonfire, obviously waiting for the two of them.
On his knee, a little dormouse was sprawled, and it could be seen that Shu Shuishui’s body was very soft, perfectly fitting Gu Langu’s knee bone.

Gu Langu held his index and middle fingers together, gently rubbing Shu Shuishui’s belly, helping it digest the food.
Being able to eat until full on Cang Zhan Star was also a form of luxury.

Shu Shuishui didn’t actually feel stuffed because, before hibernation, it would always eat excessively, even doubling its weight in a short period.
A dormouse never worried about overeating, just as it never worried about insomnia.
Oh, wait, Shu Shuishui probably had a history of insomnia among dormice.

Dormice ate as much as they could during autumn because once they entered hibernation, they wouldn’t wake up until the following spring, even if it meant starving to death.

But Gu Langu felt that since Shu Shuishui had eaten a sweet potato bigger than his own body, he should have his belly rubbed, so Shu Shuishui sprawled on Gu Langu’s knee bone.

Then, while its belly was being rubbed, Shu Shuishui comfortably fell asleep.

Yu Jin and Nan Ge knew that Gu Langu was waiting for them and sat down beside the bonfire.
Finally managing to ignore the strong aroma of the sweet potatoes, they were about to explain the situation when Gu Langu pointed to the side of the bonfire.

“Ah Shui put them there, they’re for the two of you.”

Following Gu Langu’s pointing finger, Yu Jin and Nan Ge saw two sweet potatoes partially buried in the ashes.
They were quite large, obviously selected deliberately.
Looking at the small dormouse sleeping soundly, his little belly rising and falling on Gu Langu’s knee, their emotions were complicated for a moment.

Neither of them had ever imagined that they would be taken care of by a little dormouse.

“So… so delicious!” Yu Jin couldn’t wait and opened the roasted sweet potato, taking a bite even though it was hot.
He praised it incoherently, then couldn’t be bothered to speak anymore.
Among the three, Yu Jin was the youngest and had a more lively and playful personality, naturally being more greedy for food.

Nan Ge, on the other hand, remained much calmer.
However, judging from his actions of not speaking after eating the roasted sweet potato, he also enjoyed the process of eating it.

The courtyard fell into silence for a while, until the two finished eating the roasted sweet potatoes.
At that moment, Shu Shuishui, who was having his belly rubbed, couldn’t help but let out a satisfied burp in his sleep.
Then he licked his lips, turned over, and continued sleeping on Gu Langu’s knee.

Yu Jin really wanted to reach out and touch Shu Shuishui’s soft fur, but in the end, he hesitated and only lightly stroked Shu Shuishui’s whiskers.
“Boss, where did you find this treasure? Are there more? It can talk, act cute, wash cars, and even conjure food! I also want to try my luck.”

Gu Langu replied with a “heh~”

Yu Jin was taken aback, then looked at Gu Langu incredulously.
“Boss? Were you just mocking me?” Instead of getting angry, Yu Jin was touched by the fact that the boss’s emotions were indeed evolving.

Gu Langu remained silent.

Nan Ge, seeing the situation, spoke up to change the topic.
“Shu Shuishui does indeed have a special identity.
Boss can slowly explore it.”

“No need,” Gu Langu spoke.
“Shu Shuishui should come from another timeline.
Today, Shu Shuishui mentioned a friend of his who went to another timeline.”

Nan Ge nodded.
“I see.
So Shu Shuishui has a concept of timelines, and it seems to accept time travel as a matter of course.
This also explains why Shu Shuishui knows nothing about this world.
I wonder if there are many mice like Shu Shuishui in that timeline.” Nan Ge couldn’t help but admit that mice like Shu Shuishui were quite likable.

Yu Jin’s eyes lit up.
“If only we could catch a few and bring them back! Sigh, why are the mice from other timelines so adorable, while ours…”

Gu Langu gave him a cold glance.

Yu Jin quickly waved his hand.
“No need to catch them.
Having Shu Shuishui is enough.”

There were still many mysteries surrounding Shu Shuishui, such as where these fresh sweet potatoes came from, where Shu Shuishui stored them, how Shu Shuishui arrived in this world, and what kind of world it used to live in.
However, none of these were issues in Gu Langu’s eyes because the most important thing was that Shu Shuishui was currently on his knee.

“But Boss, usually time travel only occurs during periods of temporal fluctuations, when the world is unstable.
If Shu Shuishui can come here, does it mean that Cang Zhan Star’s timeline is already unstable?” Yu Jin belatedly responded.

Gu Langu had long speculated on this conclusion.
More than just unstable, Cang Zhan Star was facing a doomsday scenario.
If the electromagnetic storms weren’t resolved, they would eventually spread worldwide, and the super electromagnetic storms were the main cause of temporal instability.
That was also why Shu Shuishui appeared near the electromagnetic storm when it time-traveled.
“Are you afraid?”

Yu Jin smiled.
“Afraid? Of course not!” He just felt frustrated.
The outside world feared Gu Langu but didn’t want to bear the burden of killing him, and they were afraid that they wouldn’t be a match for Gu Langu.
That’s why they carefully selected a doomed planet and placed Gu Langu there.
But when the nest is overturned, there won’t be a single egg left.
When that time comes, Gu Langu will naturally perish.
“I just feel it’s not worth it for the Boss.”

Gu Langu didn’t show much emotion about this.
“There’s no worth or unworthiness.
Besides, who says things will always go as they wish?” Gu Langu’s fingers continued to gently stroke Shu Shuishui, from his head to his tail, making Shu Shuishui stretch his entire body in enjoyment.

Nan Ge patted Yu Jin’s shoulder.
“That’s right.
Things don’t always go as they wish.
Until the last moment, no one can determine the outcome.
That’s why there’s an unexpected mouse named Shu Shuishui.”

Shu Shuishui, who was sleeping on Gu Langu’s knee, twitched its little ears as if it heard someone calling its name in its dream.
Subconsciously, he raised his tiny paw and sleepily exclaimed, “I’m here!”

The three people by the bonfire… were speechless.
Were they really so coordinated?

But Shu Shuishui didn’t even open his eyes.
His little paw lost its strength and fell back onto Gu Langu’s knee, but his little mouth murmured, “Let’s talk about it next year… %¥@¥… %.”

The voice gradually became fainter and less distinct, but “let’s talk about it next year” was still clearly audible.

Yu Jin whispered, “Is ‘let’s talk about it next year’ meant seriously?”

Although Yu Jin’s voice was very low, the sharp-eared Shu Shuishui seemed to have caught it.
His little ears drooped and pressed against his head, seemingly consciously blocking out the noise.

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