wouldn’t play by the rules.
They had just been negotiating, and now these people were acting like this? “The simulator is still in our hands.
Think it over!”

“I don’t give a damn.
It’s just a simulator.
I don’t care if we don’t have it.
I don’t believe I won’t be able to survive without it!” Most of the time, Yu Jin was lively, which also meant that he had the most unpredictable personality and was prone to bursts of anger.

Liu Du’s face turned dark.
“I don’t care about your damn attitude, but I do have an elder brother.
Do you know why we’ve been working so hard to find the simulator this year? The global distribution of simulators this year is only a hundred, and according to speculation, the environment on the Cang Zhan star will deteriorate further next year.
Large-scale cultivation will be almost impossible to achieve.
In other words, the simulator will become the primary source of food.
Without the simulator, maybe you can survive on your own, but it’s impossible to feed the people in a base!”

A glimmer flashed in Yu Jin’s eyes.
“It doesn’t matter.
These few also want to join Zone B.
Our base doesn’t have many people left.
Do you think, with the strength of our boss, we need to negotiate to take what we need from you?”

Liu Du paused.
Although the strong prevailed on the Cang Zhan star, openly talking about robbing someone was a bit too shameless.
Moreover, he couldn’t be sure if Zone B could withstand Gu Langu’s attacks.
“If you want to rob our Zone B, I have no objections.
But what about Zone A? Or even the Western Continent? What about beyond the planet?”

“What do you mean?” Yu Jin seemed to be interested and asked.

Liu Du quickly continued, “According to accurate information, the Cang Zhan star is about to enter the era of doom.
This is the prediction made by the Galactic Alliance through global monitoring.
In other words, next year’s Cang Zhan Star will be a hellish place.
It won’t take long for the Cang Zhan star to be destroyed.
We, who are sentenced to eternal life on the Cang Zhan star, will also perish along with it.
And the simulator is currently our only way to obtain resources from outside the planet.
Losing even one is a huge loss.”

Finally grasping some clues, Yu Jin realized why the number of simulators was so low this year.
It was because the Galactic Alliance had calculated that the investment value of the Cang Zhan star had decreased significantly.
And next year, a large number of residents would die, so there was no need to distribute as many simulators.

Or perhaps, the Galactic Alliance had predicted the era of doom on the Cang Zhan star long ago.
That’s why they sent Gu Langu there.
They couldn’t kill Gu Langu themselves, nor could they bear the blame for killing him.
So they let the Cang Zhan star destroy Gu Langu.
Who would blame a doomed planet for the destruction?

Although they could roughly guess that Liu Du’s words were true, Yu Jin was still extremely annoyed by the sight of Liu Du inside the protective shield.
This cunning guy had created such a tortoise shell.
They couldn’t defeat him, and they couldn’t leave either.

While both sides were deadlocked, suddenly, a shadow floated overhead.
Everyone instinctively looked up, and their expressions changed.

“The simulator!” Someone exclaimed.

Slowly descending from above was indeed a parachute carrying the simulator.
Against the light, the shadow under the parachute was particularly striking.
That should be the simulator hanging beneath it.

Inside and outside the protective shield, everyone nervously watched the floating parachutes, unsure which area they would eventually land in.
If they landed on the shield, would Liu Du have the ability to open it and accommodate the simulator?

“There’s another one!” Another person exclaimed, and everyone turned their gaze toward the dazzling sun.
Just above the parachute, not far away, another parachute was slowly descending.

At this moment, everyone’s emotions became extremely excited.
Two simulators! If what Liu Du said was true, these two simulators would be the future source of supplies and the hope for survival! For an instant, everyone held their breath, their heartbeats accelerating rapidly, but no one dared to move a single step, as there was still Gu Langu on the field.

The parachute descended lower and lower, and as it became clearer, the excitement in everyone’s eyes slowly turned into confusion.
They realized that underneath the parachute was not the initial locked Rubik’s Cube state of the simulator, but a round, bulging bag?

Due to the eerie nature of the situation, although the parachute landed right in front of them, no one dared to reach out and grab it.

After a while, Yu Jin approached and opened the parachute, revealing a small bag the size of two hands held together.
Yu Jin poked it with his hand and felt that there seemed to be something alive inside.
He was slightly startled but quickly opened the bag’s mouth and stepped back.

The bag’s opening spread, and its contents spilled out in a chaotic manner.

They were bundles of bound locusts, still alive, with their antennae moving.
They crowded and fell, scattering on the ground.

Everyone: ??? Locusts falling from the sky?

Feeling that he had been tricked, Yu Jin was about to get angry when suddenly a whistle sounded from above.

Everyone: ??? Who is whistling like a hooligan?

Perplexed, they looked up and saw another parachute descending lower and lower.
When their line of sight was no longer affected by the glaring sunlight, they saw a furry mouse slowly descending on the parachute.
The little dormouse even adjusted the parachute’s landing direction and floated straight towards Gu Langu’s location.

Everyone was startled.
Why would a mouse fall from the sky? And it was a mouse that could whistle like a hooligan, and it was fearlessly heading straight for Gu Langu’s head!

Shu Shuishui, who was about to leave the mountain range, chose the option of descending by parachute while carrying the locusts instead of descending on foot or climbing up the treetops.
However, the bag of locusts was too big to share a parachute, so Shu Shuishui had to put the locusts in a separate parachute and control its descent while following the bag of locusts.

Little did he expect that as he floated down, he would actually see Gu Langu.
Shu Shuishui watched the bag of locusts gradually descending and, for some reason, remembered an advertisement he had seen long ago on Earth.
It seemed to be a marriage proposal advertisement, where a rope was tied around the bride’s ring finger, and a ring slid down the rope, falling from the sky and perfectly fitting on the bride’s ring finger.

Shu Shuishui felt that the current scene had a similar touch of poetic coincidence.
He couldn’t help but want to greet Gu Langu loudly and ask if he liked it, if it was romantic, and if he would marry him.
However, just as he was about to blurt it out, he remembered the warning not to speak in front of strangers, so he abruptly changed his course and let out a whistle full of flirtatiousness.

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