u Du who had spoken up.

Liu Du: (⊙⊙) This is too cute! After a while, Liu Du blurted out a swear word.
“Damn, I was just about to say something…”

Bang! A loud noise echoed, causing the earthy golden energy shield to tremble.

The people in Zone B wore bewildered expressions.
What happened to Gu Langu? Wasn’t he just gently petting the mouse a moment ago? Why did he suddenly start acting aggressively? Who is he trying to scare?

Liu Du’s mouth hung open as he belatedly realized.
Could it be that Gu Langu minded the curse word he just uttered? Damn…

The loud noise not only startled the members of Team B, but also caused the slightly trembling ground to dislodge and disperse a significant number of grasshoppers that had crowded and spilled out from the pockets.

The little dormouse let out a small squeak, startled by the noise.
It hopped a bit on Gu Langu’s neck and then skillfully climbed down his clothes.
Gu Langu reached out to try and catch him, but Shu Shuishui twisted his body perfectly, avoiding his grasp.
However, even though he avoided it, Shu Shuishui couldn’t resist reaching out to give Gu Langu’s hand a little pat.
When there’s an opportunity for an advantage, one should seize it.

Gu Langu withdrew his hand, feeling satisfied.

Yu Jin: “…” Has the dignity of the War God been completely lost now?

The people in Zone B: “…” What’s happening now? Don’t think they didn’t notice the sneaky hand-touching action of that dormouse.
Truly a dormouse that knows how to act like a rogue.
It must be a mutated creature raised by Gu Langu.
It must be, or else they would have been slapped away a long time ago!

Shu Shuishui dashed over to his grasshopper bag, extended his paw to gather the mouth of the bag, and then started diligently picking up the grasshoppers.
If some of the grasshoppers got dirty, the little dormouse would meticulously wipe them on his own fluffy chest.
The scene was incredibly funny, but under Gu Langu’s watchful presence, no one dared to laugh out loud.
They held in their laughter until it hurt.

Seeing the rare sight of the little dormouse carefully picking up the grasshoppers one by one and putting them back into the fabric pouch, then grabbing the opening of the bag and giving it a vigorous shake, miraculously, the much larger bag rested on his shoulder.

Shu Shuishui, holding the bag of grasshoppers, walked towards Gu Langu’s feet, then circled around him, searching for a suitable climbing spot.
However, with one paw holding the bag of grasshoppers and just a single paw, it was quite challenging for him to climb up.
Just as Shu Shuishui was preparing to climb while holding the bag in his mouth…

Gu Langu squatted down and lifted Shu Shuishui from the ground, along with his bag of grasshoppers.
Although Gu Langu was quite puzzled, he considered that Shu Shuishui might simply enjoy playing.
“Did you catch all of these?”

Shu Shuishui proudly nodded his little head, then pushed the bag of grasshoppers towards Gu Langu.

Gu Langu opened the bag and took a look inside.
“Impressive, they’re all plump.”

Shu Shuishui’s ears twitched.
It seemed that Gu Gu really liked them.
For a dormouse who works to make a living, nothing makes them happier than receiving affirmation.

The people in Zone B: “…” This playful and affectionate scene must be an illusion.
However, upon closer observation, the people in Zone B quickly realized that the dormouse was not ordinary.
Not only could he whistle, but it seemed like he could understand what others were saying.

Initially, Gu Langu had intended to keep Shu Shuishui’s special abilities hidden.
However, considering that he could whistle and descended with a parachute, there was no way he could be considered ordinary.
In that case, he might as well proclaim to the world that Shu Shuishui was his possession, putting an end to any other person’s ulterior motives.

Compared to what Shu Shuishui really is, what intrigued the crowd more was where his parachute came from, and the person most eager to know was naturally Yu Jin.
In truth, Yu Jin didn’t fully believe that Shu Shuishui had actually found two simulators.
Perhaps he just happened to pick up a discarded parachute after taking the simulators.
However, with a glimmer of hope, Yu Jin curiously asked, “Shuishui, where did you find your parachute?”

Shu Shuishui, hiding behind Gu Langu’s neck, hesitated upon seeing this and didn’t immediately speak up.
The little dormouse thought for a moment and took two steps, walking towards Gu Langu’s ear.
Standing on tiptoe, he leaned towards Gu Langu’s ear, using his two small paws to cover his own mouth as a makeshift trumpet.
In his tiniest voice, Shu Shuishui whispered into Gu Langu’s ear, “They can’t hear me when I speak like this, right?”

Gu Langu: “…” How can this occasionally silly little dormouse be so adorable? Gu Langu raised his hand and gently stroked the dormouse from head to tail.

“Just speak loudly, Shuishui.
It’s okay.” If the Cang Zhan Star was truly entering the era of doom, soon the Galactic Alliance would lose control over the planet, and that was also one of the reasons for the sudden decrease in simulator distribution.

By that time, everyone would be preoccupied and would have no time to care about mutated creatures.

Shu Shuishui felt relieved upon hearing this and plopped down his chubby little bottom.
“I found them in that direction.
They fell down while I was sleeping.
There are two of them.”

The mouse can talk! No, wait!

Following the direction pointed by Shu Shuishui’s small paw, Zone B suddenly felt a sensation of blood boiling up.
That direction was the same direction they came from.
So, the two simulators were picked up by a dormouse! No wonder they couldn’t find any traces of humans.
Who could have thought of this? Liu Du’s mouth twitched.
“Did you also kill a mosquito?”

Shu Shuishui became alert.
“Why? Do you want to avenge it?”

Liu Du: “…” No! I don’t want to!

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