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The unspoken “me too” from Yu Jin got stuck, held in place by an unexpected barrier.
Despite the rare hint of a twinkle in Yu Jin’s eye, he ultimately couldn’t resist the allure of food, especially with Xie Feng leading the charge.
“Then count me in too, following Shui Shui.”

As expected, the moment the words left his mouth, Gu Langu’s gaze shifted over.
Though it remained as emotionless as ever, Yu Jin couldn’t help but feel a looming sense of unease.

Thankfully, Shu Shuishui immediately interjected, redirecting Gu Langu’s attention.
Otherwise, Yu Jin wasn’t sure if he could withstand the pressure and stick to his initial decision.

Perched on Gu Langu’s shoulder, Shu Shuishui clapped its little paws in excitement.
“Great! It’s just that there’s nothing there; we might need to make things ourselves.”

Nan Ge also recalled the map from that time.
“I remember it being a mountain range, uninhabited around it.
Is it really safe? Could there be any danger?”

“No immediate danger.
There’s only a nest of rats in the mountains, rats even bigger than cats, about this big,” Shu Shuishui made a circle with its small arm, trying to show the size.

Everyone else exchanged glances, appearing unimpressed; it didn’t seem that big, maybe just about the size of two Shu Shuishuis.

Unaware of the amused looks, Shu Shuishui continued, “But I’ve already communicated with them.
We can coexist peacefully.
The valley is surrounded on three sides by mountains and the fourth by water, offering great protection from wind and snow.
I’ve checked the frozen lake with Gu Gu; there are fish inside.” As Shu Shuishui said this, its little ears twitched.

“Fish?” Nan Ge’s eyes lit up.

Gu Langu remained silent.

Shu Shuishui nodded its little head.
“Yes, and the lake isn’t small.
There are also plenty of trees near the valley.
Three perilous peaks serve as natural barriers, isolating us from most of the mutant creatures.
Moreover, if we move in, as long as we provide the rats with some food, they might take care of patrolling and guarding duties.
No movement will escape our eyes and ears.”


No one would doubt the vigilance of rodents, especially post-mutation rats.
Their senses of hearing, vision, and smell had undergone remarkable leaps, not to mention they were also nocturnal creatures.
If they could indeed manage patrol and guard duties as Shu Shuishui claimed, the safety of the valley wouldn’t be a concern anymore.
This temptation was truly irresistible.

In an instant, Nan Ge’s interest was piqued too.
What kind of valley could it be that Shu Shuishui was talking about? “How big is the valley Shui Shui mentioned?”

Gu Langu remained expressionless.
“Not very big.”

However, Shu Shuishui vigorously shook its head.
“Gu Gu is wrong; it’s clearly quite big.”

Gu Langu continued to struggle.
“Hmm, it is indeed quite big compared to Shui Shui.”

This time, Shu Shuishui nodded its little head.
“Yes, yes, it’s roughly a bit larger than this small town.
For me, it’s really big.”

Everyone else exchanged glances; things were clear now.

For the first time, Gu Langu felt like he lacked a bit of telepathic connection with the mouse.


Nan Ge pondered for a moment and once again sought Shu Shuishui’s opinion.
“Shui Shui, do you think we could safely spend the winter in the valley if we move our entire base there?”

With its head tilted and ears twitching, Shu Shuishui earnestly contemplated for a moment.
“I can only guarantee that if those rats can survive the winter, then we can too.
If it’s really not possible, I can go borrow some food from the rats and return it to them next summer.”

Nan Ge: “…” He didn’t actually mean that, and he never even thought about borrowing food from the rats.

Yu Jin unconsciously blurted out, “Rats are food, aren’t they? With them, we definitely won’t…”

All eyes suddenly shifted to Yu Jin, his words trailing off.
He scratched his head belatedly.
“Of course, if they’re Shui Shui’s friends, then it’s different.”

Somewhere along the line, rats seemed to have become somewhat different from them.

“So, Shui Shui, can you take us to see the valley tomorrow?” Nan Ge inquired.

Xie Feng, as silent as a chicken, sensed that it might be safe now and quickly chimed in, lest he be left out.
“Then I’ll move with Shui Shui tomorrow.
Moving my equipment will still require some time and effort.
Shui Shui, is the mountain path easy to traverse?”

Shu Shuishui honestly described today’s road conditions.
Indeed, there was a challenging stretch on the way into the mountains, but this also meant increased safety in the valley.
There were pros and cons.
However, this would make transporting certain things quite arduous.
Vehicles, being large, heavy, and complex, couldn’t fit into the folding space.
Unless a path was opened up, they wouldn’t reach the valley.

After this exchange, everyone contentedly returned to the campfire to finish their meal and then rest.
Nan Ge relayed the message that they wouldn’t be moving temporarily tomorrow.
Despite some fluctuation, no one opposed it.
After all, one more day didn’t make a significant difference.


Shu Shuishui sat on a small rock by the campfire, flipping potatoes with a small twig.
Unexplainably, Shu Shuishui felt that Gu Langu seemed a bit unhappy.
With a light plop, Shu Shuishui jumped down from the rock and quickly trotted back to his own camper van.

“What’s Shui Shui up to?” Yu Jin asked curiously as he ate grilled meat.

“I don’t know, but it seems urgent.
Maybe it’s gone to the restroom?” Xie Feng suggested.

Yu Jin shot Xie Feng a glance.
“You think Shui Shui is like you? You won’t remember to use the restroom until the last moment.”

Xie Feng immediately retorted, “I forgot because of an experiment, okay?”

The two of them began their usual banter.

Soon, Shu Shuishui emerged from the small opening purposely left in the camper van, holding a grasshopper in its arms.

Yu Jin promptly abandoned Xie Feng and turned to Shu Shuishui.
“Shui Shui, are you going to grill the grasshopper?”

Shu Shuishui nodded his little head.
“Yes, I promised Gu Gu.
What flavor does Gu Gu want? We can each have one leg from the grasshoppers today.”

In an instant, the inexplicable little tension around Gu Langu vanished.
“Anything Shui Shui makes is delicious.
We’ll each have one grasshopper leg.”

Yu Jin nudged his grilled meat forward.
“Boss, we have plenty of meat already.
Can I trade this piece of grilled meat for one grasshopper leg?” Despite almost having meat every day lately, Shu Shuishui’s grilled grasshoppers had become an obsession for Yu Jin, the delightful sensation of awakening his taste buds lingering.

Gu Langu glanced at the grilled meat in front of Yu Jin and responded indifferently, “Grilled meat? You’re not even worth one grasshopper leg.”

Xie Feng burst into laughter and then burst out laughing even harder.

Gu Langu turned to Xie Feng.
“The two of you combined aren’t even worth one grasshopper leg.”

Xie Feng: “…” So, feeling safe just now was a complete illusion?


Nan Ge immediately fell silent, obediently eating whatever was in his mouth.

Gu Langu glanced at Nan Ge, but before he could speak, Nan Ge quickly said, “I know, the three of us aren’t even worth one grasshopper leg.”

Gu Langu responded, “So that’s how you see it.
I understand now.
I’ll keep that in mind.”

Nan Ge felt like crying without tears.
Wasn’t that the same meaning? Meanwhile, Yu Jin comforted himself, remembering that Shu Shuishui once traded two grasshoppers for a simulator.
Going by that logic, he was actually quite valuable.

After notifying the others about continuing to stay for one more day, Nan Ge was returning to the campfire when he spotted the scene by the fire.
He abruptly changed direction and headed toward the location of Hu Sichen.
His intention was to learn about the new member’s situation and perhaps join them for dinner.

As agreed, Gu Langu and Shu Shuishui each enjoyed two grasshopper legs.
Afterward, Gu Langu took Shu Shuishui to an empty house to rest.

However, the next day never came.
At around one o’clock in the night, a cold wave suddenly arrived, arriving earlier than anticipated.
While the small town wasn’t directly in the path of the cold wave, the biting cold woke everyone up.

Even those who were sleeping soundly were nudged awake by others.
Apparently, even the nearby campfires couldn’t provide sufficient warmth.
Sleeping under these conditions would likely result in unconscious death from low temperatures.

Using energy stones for heating would lead to significant consumption for the entire base.

With the situation rapidly changing, no one could sleep, especially as time passed and the flames gradually weakened.
It wasn’t due to a lack of fuel; the temperature was just too low.
The outdoor temperature had plummeted to sixty degrees below zero.

In this situation, Nan Ge had no choice but to initiate an urgent evacuation.
It seemed that staying in this small town was no longer an option.
The cold wave would continue to advance, and with the freezing season approaching, the entire Cang Zhan Star would be shrouded in extreme cold.

Nan Ge found Shu Shuishui and, after a brief discussion, decided to trust Shu Shuishui’s judgment.
He immediately led the base on a journey toward the valley.

Consequently, the previously quiet small town became bustling once again.
Not only was the Gu Langu Base in motion, but the nearby Dong Shijun Base had also been awakened by the cold wave.
They were discussing countermeasures with the others.

Upon discovering that the Gu Langu Base was preparing to relocate, the Dong Shijun Base also faced a dilemma.
They hadn’t yet found a suitable place to settle, and the only relatively satisfactory option overlapped with the Gu Langu Base’s target.
By the time they arrived, Nan Ge was already there.

“Dong-ge, how about we continue following them and find a place nearby to stay?”

“We’ve been following them for so long.
It’s easier on the road, but do you think other forces will be allowed near their settlement?”

“Or we could just join the Gu Langu Base.”

“I think we should go find Fei Luo, who left before.
If he hasn’t returned, he must have found a suitable place.
If we take his spot, can we beat Fei Luo?”

“Fei Luo isn’t simple either.
I’ve heard that they predicted several extreme weather incidents accurately at the Fei Luo Base.
They have capable people.”

“Nothing seems to work.
Let’s just freeze to death!”

“Enough bickering.
Notify everyone to pack up and be ready to move at any time.” Dong Shijun was getting a headache from the noise, so he gave a firm order to stop the meaningless argument.

Just like Hu Sichen joining the Gu Langu Base, Dong Shijun realized he didn’t possess that kind of boldness.
“Notify everyone, travel light, and get ready to move.
We’ll set off first, rushing to reach the target point.
Although Nan Ge probably left some people behind, they definitely aren’t numerous.
Let’s secure the target point first before anything else.”

This was currently the only self-rescue method Dong Shijun could think of.
In fact, relocating to less-than-ideal locations was also an option, but those places carried higher risks if they truly intended to spend the winter safely.
In that case, it was better to take a gamble.
If they won, it would be a permanent solution.

Due to this order, even before the Gu Langu Base had finished packing up, Dong Shijun had already set out with a grand caravan.

The individual who had been observing the opposite side’s movements immediately reported the situation to Nan Ge.

Nan Ge’s informants informed him of the situation.
“Brother, Dong Shijun has been following us without much urgency.
Why the sudden rush? Have they found a suitable place?”

Nan Ge shook his head.
“If they had found a place, they wouldn’t be returning tonight.
Judging by the direction they went, it’s highly likely they headed for the same target point we discovered during the day.”

“Damn! That’s a bit sneaky!” Yu Jin immediately cursed upon hearing this.
“Oh no, Dajun’s team is still there.
Could there be any danger?”

“No,” Nan Ge responded with certainty.
“Dong Shi Jun knows he can’t hold that place.
If they kill our people, they’ll eliminate the only possibility for negotiation.
They need bargaining chips.
We’ll send a team to pick them up, and inform them that the target point is theirs.”

The route to the valley is marked on the map.
What’s unknown is the path within the mountains.
However, there’s no need to worry about the retrieval team getting lost on the way back.

Yu Jin nodded upon hearing this.
“I’ll go retrieve them.
Fortunately, we have Shui Shui.”

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