From a very young age, Lobelia thought she was the hero of the world.
With a family so loving, she had nothing to envy.
Her father, James Evelentia, with his impeccable skills and sharp wit, managed to turn his family into the wealthiest house in the empire, all the while not forgetting to be a loving father.
“Lobelia, our princess,” he would often say.

In Lobelia’s memory, the image of her father smiling brightly at her with outstretched arms was as clear as day.
Even though she had forgotten everything else, she couldn’t forget that one scene.
She still remembered the feel of his frizzy beard against her cheek and the sound of her own laughter.

“Our darling.
Whatever my daughter wants, this daddy will give you.”

Her father would always look at her daughter with admiration, as if he was staring at the most precious thing in the universe.
Growing up, Lobelia was constantly surrounded by beautiful lace dresses and sparkling jewels and delectable puddings with butterfly decorations.
Her home overflowed with the love of her parents.
She believed her joy was eternal.

Little did she know, it was all a trick of the world to turn her into a villain.

When Lobelia turned three, her father was found dead.
With only the suspicion of murder and no significant evidence found, the case was inevitably closed without resolution, and disputes arose within the family over the distribution of land.
Money calls for blood, they say. 

At the death of his father, many coveted the wealth of the family.
James had written a will prior to his passing, but it was unofficial and did not have much effect as it was not notarized.
Because of this, even relatives who did not bother to attend his funeral began to pester Julia, his wife.
Some even forced her to remarry. 

Julia, the sole heir in his will, tried to protect her family’s fortune and Lobelia, but there was little she could do, as she was a gypsy with ethnic blood, and was subtly despised by the nobility.

One day, Marlon, James’ older brother and Lobelia’s uncle

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