hieve with as much fervor as the Duke.
So, you don’t have to worry about betrayal.” Jade stared back at her.

“Then the deal is sealed,” he said.
“Then I’ll have to get you out of the Count Evelentia’s house first.”

At that moment, the two of them swore obedience to the unwritten contract that would completely rewrite their fate and began to devise their ploy until the food was no longer warm.
Jade ultimately came up with a very simple idea, to which Lobelia agreed to.

Jade rose from his seat and approached Lobelia and held out his arm.
Lobelia stared at his hand with a questioning look, then let out a cry of realization and placed her hand on it.
With her hand on top of his, Jade escorted Lobelia back to the carriage where Joheim was waiting.

“See you tomorrow,” he bade.

When they were almost at the count’s residence, Joheim opened his mouth to speak.
“Miss Lobelia,” he said.

“What is the matter, Sir Jereminus?” asked Lobelia.
Joheim hesitated for a moment.

“I’ll be with you until tomorrow,” he finally said.

“What?” Lobelia tilted her head.
Why would he be staying with her until tomorrow? “Sir Jereminus must return to the Duke of Ferrado,” she said, matter-of-factly.

“The coachman will deliver my message,” he replied.

“But why would Sir Jereminus stay with me?” Lobelia questioned.

“That is…” Joheim bowed his head.
His  inability to answer her questions was different from his  master, Jade Ferrado.
“If you return to the Count of Evelentia like this… I’m sure you’re going to suffer.” Lobelia’s eyes widened.

“What does that mean?”

“I’m sorry madame, but rumors about Count Evelentia are already widespread in social circles.
So, how can I, a knight, ignore Miss Lobelia?” Joheim said.
He was aware that Marlon, Josephine, and Aina were tormenting Lobelia terribly, so he meant to protect her.

“It’s none of your business, Sir Jereminus,” Lobelia interjected, refusing his offer.
There was a hint of wariness in her voice.
She knew that knights pursued the unusual value of “chivalry” to worship the Lady, but she thought this was too much.
“I’m not a lady,” she said.
She was not to be guarded by knights.

“But…” Joheim’s voice trailed off.

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