Jade Ferrado was a famous flirt.
At the same time, he was also known for not giving his heart to women.
How could these contradictory rumors coexist? Simple, it was evident from the way Jade Ferrado treated women.
He dated women if they courted him, but he never gave an effort in their relationship.
He would send presents as courtesy, but that was it.
He’d never utter endearing words nor display attention whether it was in public or private.
If the woman he was dating found herself in trouble, he’d only cock his head from the audience and never extend a helping hand.

Hurt by Jade Ferrado’s cold attitude, many women had quickly broken up with him.
However, even more women wooed him, foolishly believing to be the one destined to melt his icy heart.
Jade had broken countless of women’s hearts this way, earning the reputation of a playboy.

Aina looked up at Jade with sullen eyes, a single tear cascaded on her rosy cheeks.
“I just said that for the Duke’s sake,” she mumbled.
Most of the time, men would concede upon facing a teary-eyed woman.
It wouldn’t be polite not to do so.
She desperately hoped in her heart that Jade would step down at this point, too, but he was different.

“How does it make sense for me that Miss Lobelia was sent as a handmaiden?” he asked.

“That’s…!” Aina looked alternately at Jade and Lobelia, another tear falling on her cheek.

Lobelia could tell that Aina was deeply conflicted with something. Weird, she thought as she tilted her head.
She could simply say such a lowly handmaiden like Lobelia wasn’t deserving of the Duke of Ferrado and her embarrassment would wane.
Jade would inevitably be angry, but people would think Aina was merely concerned for the duke.
But somehow, Aina was hesitant to say it.

Was it because she still wanted her relationship with Lobelia to remain? Lobelia wondered.
If Aina indeed referred to her as a ‘lowly handmaiden,’ she would be cutting ties with Lobelia.

Impossible. Lobelia shook her head, denying her absurd speculation.
No matter how obsessed Aina was with Lobelia, it was merely an obsession.
She would abandon her without hesitation when the moment arrived. Now’s just not the right time, thought Lobelia.

“It’s alright Lady Aina,” said Lobelia.
It wouldn’t hurt to intervene at this point and build a new image of herself now that she was in the spotlight.
From now on, she would also have to keep showing her face in society, so she must be cautious of her actions.
At her friendly tone, Aina’s eyes widened.

“It’s true that I’m lacking a lot,” she continued, “I know you deliberately didn’t tell the truth because you were concerned about that.”

“Uh, I, I–” Aina stuttered in confusion.

“But you don’t have to hide it anymore.” Lobelia turned her head and looked up at Jade, and he smiled as he understood the message behind her gaze.
It was warm and brimming with affection—entirely different from the cold smile he had shown to the nobles earlier.
The women stared wide-eyed at his lips, looking like they were about to faint.
Jade’s smile was enough explanation.
Every single noble in the lounge was convinced that the two were indeed in a relationship, and Jade Ferrado cared very much for this woman.

At that moment when everyone’s eyes were transfixed on the duke, only Elyan was quietly looking at Lobelia with interest.
Lobelia curtsied to Aina and bid her goodbyes.
“Thank you, Lady Aina,” she said and exited the room with Jade.
Countless eyes followed their backs, including Elyan’s.

It wasn’t until she climbed onto the box seat and drew the curtains that Lobelia was able to escape the crowd’s gaze.
A staff member politely entered and served champagne and a variety of beautifully decorated fruit cakes on the table.
After the employee left, Lobelia felt the tension evaporate from her body and buried herself on the plush sofa.

“Good job,” Jade said, pouring champagne into her glass.
He then asked, “When are you going to approach him, Elyan?”

“At the intermission,” answered Lobelia.
She fixed her eyes on the small, glittering cake, sprinkled with sugar.
She had never eaten a cake since she was born.
She had attended countless tea parties as Aina’s maid, but she was forbidden to sit anywhere.

“Then you can enjoy the first part with peace of mind.” Jade lifted his champagne glass and buried himself deep in his chair.
He pulled the string to open the curtains slightly.

Lobelia could barely take her eyes off the cake by the time the singer was on stage and the intro was played.
The singer in a gorgeous red dress boasted her talent and skill as her voice echoed throughout the hall.
Lobelia stared at the singer and the dancers behind her and asked, “Did you know that the land on which this opera house was built also belongs to Evelentia?”

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