eed to face the oppression of the college entrance examination so early.

So the second year students like to do things they like the most.
They skip classes to fight, engage in puppy love, they bully the first years or provoke the third year students and teasing classmates is not out of their hands either.
There is really nothing they dare not do.

There were five pairs of young couples in class eight and it seemed that they had made an appointment on Qixi Festival so all five couples skipped class.
There are 30 to 40 people in a class even if one person is suddenly missing, it wouldn’t take very very long to notice it!

The five couples went back to school happily but they were sent to the office by the head teacher in a blink of an eye, falling from heaven to hell.

However, there were eleven empty seats in the classroom and the extra missing person was Lu Nan.

Zhou Zichen pinched the space between his eyebrows, feeling like Zhou Zihan was really trying to kill himself.

In the office, Zhou Zihan stood beside Lu Nan with his expression indicating the way he obediently admitted his mistakes and he secretly glanced at Lu Nan from time to time, his eyes a little bit aggrieved.

No matter who saw it, they would think Zhou Zihan’s puppy love was Lu Nan.

There is another person standing on the other side of Lu Nan.
The person is the propaganda committee member and also the class flower of the eighth class.

Chen, I’m really not dating Zhou Zihan, his girlfriend is Lu Nan.” Ban Hua’s eyes were red with grievance and tears accumulated in her eyes.
She was as pitiful as she could be.

Zhou Zihan bowed his head to admit his mistake and did not say a word but his expression already affirmed this sentence.

Lu Nan’s hands were hanging by her sides and her expression was casual.
If someone looked carefully, you will find a trace of inconspicuous irritability in her eyes as if she could violently hit someone in the next moment.

“Lu Nan, explain your part of the story to me.” Chen Heng looked at the student he only met a few days ago and gave her a chance to clarify.

Truthfully, Chen Heng had already believed more than half of Ban Hua’s words.

Boys like Zhou Zihan are very attractive to young girls nowadays but Lu Nan’s looks are too beautiful so Zhou Zihan is more likely to fall in love with her than Ban Hua.

Lu Nan raised her eyelids and her tone was a little impatient, “I don’t know what this is about.”

T/N: I thinking I’m moving from like to love for this OP MC ; )

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