Xiao Zhenyun, who had lived for so long, was seeing a real gun for the first time.
The gun’s gleaming barrel emitted a chilling scent of gunpowder.
It was held firmly by Si Di and pressed against Xiao Zhenyun’s forehead without hesitation.
Xiao Zhenyun shivered from the cold, looking at the man before him in disbelief.


Si Di’s handsome brows slightly arched, forming a mocking curve, while his emerald eyes overflowed with provocation and disgust.
Pressing Xiao Zhenyun’s head forcefully, the weighty barrel caused him to involuntarily lean back, and his wheelchair began to slide backward with no room to retreat.
Si Di then grabbed the wheelchair’s armrest and pulled it back, with one all-black Oxford shoe directly stepping on the cushion between Xiao Zhenyun’s legs, the shoe’s tip almost touching his vital area.


Xiao Zhenyun instinctively glanced downward, only to hear a malicious, cold laugh above his head.
“Why so nervous? You’re just a useless waste.
How about I help you get rid of it, hmm?”


As he spoke, Si Di used the barrel to support Xiao Zhenyun’s chin, forcing him to look up and face him.
The sentry’s eyes were like a ferocious wolf, exerting intense pressure, emitting a cold, faint glow in the moonlight.
Sharp canine teeth hidden between his parted lips.
“You impotent old pervert, I warned you to stay away from Si Chu.
You’re ruthless enough, directly aiming for my life…”


Si Di swiftly released the gun’s safety, realigning the muzzle towards Xiao Zhenyun’s forehead.
His hand gripping the gun became more pronounced as he applied force to his meridians.
“But you didn’t expect it, did you? I’m still alive…”


While Xiao Zhenyun processed the unexpected information overload, he forced himself to remain calm.
However, this was his first encounter with a life-or-death situation, and Si Di’s expression was truly insane.
He couldn’t control the stiffness that overtook his entire body.
His Adam’s apple twitched, and he unconsciously swallowed.
“Si Di, let’s talk things out, you—”


Without hesitation, Si Di pressed the trigger against his head.


The sound was instantly drowned in terror, and Xiao Zhenyun’s pupils contracted to their limit.
His gaze became vacant, his mouth half-open, forgetting to close it.
It seemed as if his consciousness had momentarily detached from his body.


The world around him faded into dullness.


After the ‘bong~’ sound, the sentry sneered contemptuously at Xiao Zhenyun.
The gun in his hand made a crisp noise, but there were no bullets inside.


In an instant, his soul returned, and Xiao Zhenyun gasped for breath as if he had just remembered to breathe.
Cold sweat poured down his back, and he tightly gripped the wheelchair’s armrest with both hands, unable to stop his fingers from trembling.
His gaze was dazed, and he struggled to shake his head, still immersed in the aftertaste of surviving such a calamity.


Si Di seemed very satisfied with Xiao Zhenyun’s reaction.
The pale face, drained of all color, instantly ignited his boiling blood, and he looked down arrogantly at the man’s distressed state. 


From his silver hair, a gray and black upright ear emerged.
He unzipped the zipper on the tailbone, and the massive black wolf tail swayed leisurely behind him.
At the same time, a black wolf with a muzzle covered by a mesh metal bite guard walked out from beside his leg.
Its heavy paws silently landed, its body slightly lowered, poised to hunt.
Half of its body lurked in the shadows, its wild and greedy eyes fixed on its prey, waiting for the right moment to strike.


Xiao Zhenyun lowered his gaze, fixating on the black-and-white-faced wolf.


This wolf, who had once been indebted to his stag, didn’t recognize Xiao Zhenyun’s identity at all.
It bared its teeth and growled at him, revealing undisguised hostility based solely on its master’s preferences.


After the fusion state appeared, the red light on Si Di’s electric shock collar around his neck began to flicker more rapidly, faintly displaying a charging icon, while the magnetic restraining rings on his wrists and ankles emitted urgent beeping sounds, warning the wearer of the dangerous state they were currently in.


Si Di looked at his wrist without any worry, let go of his leg, and stepped back, keeping an arm’s length from Xiao Zhenyun.


“Now that I’m alive, it’s you who will die, Xiao Zhenyun,” he said coldly.
His fingers loosened, and the heavy handgun fell onto Xiao Zhenyun’s thigh, causing him to tremble once again.
“I will avenge every member of the Storm Squad, one by one.”


After saying that, Si Di quickly left, and if one were to observe carefully, there seemed to be a hint of panic in his departing figure.
After a while, Xiao Zhenyun silently took out a half-empty pack of cigarettes from his pants pocket.
The lighter took two attempts before igniting, creating a solitary red dot in the dense darkness of the night, flickering intermittently.


As he finished smoking a cigarette, his expression finally regained composure, and his erratic heartbeat stabilized.
Xiao Zhenyun extinguished the cigarette butt on the stone bench, his fingertips tracing the outline of the handgun nestled in the soft blanket.
The barrel of the gun bore several faint grooves, cold and rigid to the touch.
Unable to hold back, he muttered a curse. 


A phone call awakened Xiao Nian, abruptly prompting Xiao Zhenyun to ask directly, “What’s the relationship between Xiao Zhenyun and Si Di in the novel?”


“…,” the administrator responded bewilderedly, “What relationship? There is no relationship…”


Xiao Zhenyun quickly summarized the threats Si Di had just made, calmly analyzing, “From what I gathered, Si Di discovered the corrupt intentions of ‘Xiao Zhenyun’ towards Si Chu and issued a warning.
So ‘Xiao Zhenyun’ took drastic measures and killed Si Di? Did Si Di’s mission go wrong because of ‘Xiao Zhenyun’?”


There was a prolonged silence on the other end of the phone.
After a while, Xiao Nian spoke with a headache, “It wasn’t written in the book, so I don’t know…”


“What can this damn book even tell us?” Xiao Zhenyun had just experienced an unwarranted disaster, narrowly escaping with his life, and his temper was extremely foul.
He scratched his itchy scalp and felt a hard object.
It seemed that the suppressant drug for his fusion state was about to lose its effectiveness due to his overly agitated emotions.
Misfortunes never come singly; he had no choice but to move his wheelchair toward a side door.
“As a World Administrator, how can you not know anything?!”


“Calm down,” Xiao Nian pressed his forehead.
“I’ll check the world source code.
You come back first.
There are still plot developments tomorrow.”


“What plot developments? I’m about to lose my life!” Xiao Zhenyun retorted angrily.
“What kind of damn thing did I get myself into? Illegal detention without causing substantial harm is one thing, but attempted murder too?… I think there’s no need to finish the plot; I’ll just rot in prison.”




Xiao Zhenyun had more to say, but at that moment, a loud noise abruptly interrupted his attention.
He vigilantly looked up in the direction of the sound, followed by a series of shattering collisions, cries of alarm, and increasing sounds of a brawl.


Without hesitation, Xiao Zhenyun swiftly covered his increasingly prominent horn on his forehead and concealed himself in the shadows.


With a bang, he saw Si Chu, more than ten meters away in the corridor, being struck in the abdomen and sent flying, crashing heavily onto the ground, spitting out a mouthful of blood foam in pain.
Ye Feiran hurriedly chased after him, rushing to lift him up, while summoning a peacock that soared into the air, pouncing on another figure that appeared in the corridor.


No, for a moment, Xiao Zhenyun even doubted if that was still a human—


Si Di, disheveled and with bloodshot eyes, had a ferocious and ghostly expression, crouching on all fours like a wolf, his fingers curled like claws, his long tail wagging.
He pinched the peacock’s delicate neck, opening his mouth to bite, but unfortunately, the mask hindered him.
Si Di roared in anger, using his claws to scratch the belt fastened on the back of his head, causing his face and ears to be covered in blood.


Seeing this scene, Ye Feiran hastily withdrew his spiritual body, anxiously saying, “Why isn’t the magnetic restraint ring effective? I consumed too much mental power when I was sorting things out for Brother Di just now, and there’s barely anything left.
I can’t even release guide elements.”


“The Chairman will be here soon,” Si Chu licked the corner of his lips, split open by his brother’s blows.
“Let’s delay a little longer.”


“But Chairman Xiao primarily excels in mental attacks, and Brother Di’s mental domain was already on the verge of collapse…”


“Then what should we do…”


Before the two could come up with a solution, the raging Si Di suddenly launched an attack on them.
The Czech wolfdog leaped out from behind him, its nails sinking into flesh as it opened its mouth to bite Si Di’s shoulder.
Si Di’s movements were restricted, intensifying his fury.
He reached out to pry open the wolfdog’s mouth, causing his palm to be punctured by sharp teeth, and his crimson blood flowed onto the ground.
Yet, he seemed impervious to pain, using his head to collide with the wolfdog’s head before throwing it onto the ground.


After dealing with the spiritual entity, Si Di swiftly climbed onto the roof of the corridor with the agility of the wind.
Taking a shortcut through the winding passageway, his hunting instincts engraved deep within his bones enabled him to strike accurately even in the midst of chaos.
One could even argue that it was precisely in such chaos that he would ruthlessly attack without regard for anything else.


As Si Chu pinned Si Di to the ground, Ye Feiran finally pressed the button on the electric shock collar once again.
He heard Si Di’s painful roar and couldn’t help but shout, “Si Di! Please, just pass out already!”


Xiao Zhenyun witnessed everything and couldn’t help but feel that something was amiss, as if something was missing…


Just then, a faint rustling of leaves reached his ears.
He suddenly realized, “Where is Si Di’s wolf? Where did it go?”


He swiftly turned around and saw two dimly flickering ghostly flames burning dangerously close in the darkness.


…The wolf had come for him.



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