Chapter 2: A good-looking man




Shi Han walked into the airport terminal and put on a sun hat.
She was pulling a small suitcase as she wore an off-white dress with her slender and beautiful ankles being exposed. 

Her hat was pressed downwards, covering her face, but her striking figure still attracted some attention. 

She had just walked a few steps when someone bumped into her shoulder.
Shi Han's hat moved up slightly, revealing a beautiful face. 

Her eyes fell on the man who bumped her.
White sneakers, dark pants and an ironed shirt.
His cuffs were rolled up, revealing a section of strong forearms.
She slowly raised her eyes as she examined him and saw his face. 

He had dark eyes that were filled with coldness, sharp eyebrows and handsome facial features along with an air of elegance that made him look calm and composed. 

Shi Han froze for a moment – the appearance of the man in front of her completely matched her aesthetics. 

“Are you okay?” The man asked in a low voice. 

A magnetic and deep voice – she liked it! 

But soon she remembered that she still had important things to do, and came back to her senses, shook her head saying, “It's okay,” 

She had very little contact with men since she was young, and she didn't have much interest in the relationship between men and women.
At most, she just appreciated it. 

Running across a man was perfectly her type, Shi Han just regards it as a passable encounter.
She politely nodded to the other party, then turned and left. 

Shi Han didn't pay much attention to the trivial matter just now and didn't know how long the man behind her kept staring at her.
He stood still, his deep pupils glinted, as if a lion had found its own territory, waiting patiently to mark its scent. 

After Shi Han's back completely disappeared, a man in a suit appeared next to the man.
He lowered his head and said quietly, “Boss, the old lady has fallen ill again.” 

Lu Yan withdrew his gaze, “Let's go.” 


Zhang Yu followed Lu Yan, thinking about what he saw just now, but still couldn't believe it. 

The man in front of him was Lu Yan, the head of the Lu family, one of the four major families in the Imperial Capital.
He was only in his twenties, yet his status was unshakable.
He was strong, intelligent and cold-blooded – not an easy one to deal with. 

In addition to his invincible ability, his handsome face was also a hot topic in the social circle of the upper-class. 

He didn't know how many famous and noble women used up their tactics to get into Lu Yan's eyes, which just seemed boring to Lu Yan. 

Not long ago, a woman deliberately fell on him.
The consequences of her actions was merciless and quick.
The next day, her family's business went bankrupt. 

Facing her begging, Lu Yan remained unmoved leaving only one sentence, “Leave the Imperial Capital.” 

Finally, the woman and her family fled the Imperial Capital overnight. 

Since then, those noble ladies who desired him quickly retreated. 

Zhang Yu had been with Lu Yan for nearly seven years, and he was used to his indifference and alienation towards the opposite sex. 

But today, Lu Yan actually disguised himself as a college student, waiting at the airport, just to meet a woman by chance.
What was even more frightening was that he just saw Lu Yan smiling just now. 



He had never seen him smile.
Maybe other people wouldn't notice it, but Zhang Yu knew him for many years, and he clearly saw the joy Lu Yan felt. 

Just when Zhang Yu was racking his brains to guess the identity of the woman just now, he suddenly felt Lu Yan's glance and panicked. 

Those cold eyes seemed to have the ability to see through everything that it made anyone who was looked by them afraid.
Although, the weather was very warm, Zhang Yu broke out in a cold sweat instantly, his mind went blank, and he didn't dare to have any guesses. 



The Shi family was currently having lunch, and the servant standing aside secretly glanced at Shi Han who was eating not far away. 


She had a fair complexion, with ruddy lips and black hair, delicate eyebrows.
Her slender fingers held the chopsticks, and every movement was very pleasing to look at. 


She did seem to have nothing to do with the tense atmosphere in the dining room. 



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