Chapter 3: Explanation



Bai Wanjun put her chopsticks down in anger and questioned, “Shi Han, two years ago you left home without saying a word, do you know how many people were sent to look for you? And now you come back suddenly, shouldn't you give us an explanation?” 


“I don't think me leaving will have any effect on you.” 

Shi Han wiped her mouth with a napkin, looked at her so-called parents, “I came back suddenly, and look you are so uncomfortable.” 

“Bastard!” Shi Zheng, her father, glared at Shi Han, trembling with anger, “Where are all the rules you learned at home?” 

During the two years when Shi Han stayed with them, she was very docile.
She would prepare snacks for Shi Zheng every evening and give Bai Wanjun a glass of milk.
Sometimes, she would cook for them.
She was brimming with energy, trying to help them and never argued with anyone is such a way. 

Now she became sharp-tongued unlike her previous self, which made Shi Zheng very uncomfortable.
He asked, “With whom did you stay with, in the past two years?” 

“There have been many people who have lived with me in the past two years.
I don't know which one you are talking about.” 

“You—” Shi Zheng felt dizzy for a while. 

“Shi Han, what are you going to do?” Shi Xuan frowned, disgusted with the younger sister in front of him, “Two years ago you insisted on competing with others, but in the end, you caused a car accident, and Yinyin was sent to the hospital.
Not even an apology.” 

“I wanted to race with others?” Shi Han turned to look at Shi Yin, “You told them that I wanted to race with others?” 

“I-I didn't, sister, I didn't say anything.” Shi Yin shook her head quickly.
The corners of her eyes instantly turned red, like a frightened little rabbit. 

Shi Han chuckled softly, and rested her jaw on her hand lazily, “Why don't you tell them what happened that day now.” 

“I, I don't remember…” Shi Yin didn't dare to meet Shi Han's eyes, and lowered her head in panic, tears dripped on the back of her hands. 

She didn't dare to say.
Afterall, she couldn't say that she was the one who took the initiative to do car racing, and pestered Shi Han to try it.
During the race, she was too scared and grabbed Shi Han's arm, causing Shi Han to lose control of the steering wheel, leading to the car accident. 

Shi Yin bit her lip.
The Shi family would definitely hate her if they knew the truth.
But Shi Han was different, she was the biological daughter of the Shi family, and they wouldn't blame her. 

Why does she have to force her to tell the truth? 

The girl's low-pitched sobs slowly filled everyone's ears. 

“How long are you going to bully Yinyin?” Bai Wanjun felt distressed, she got up and hugged Shi Yin in her arms protectively, glaring at Shi Han, “Do you know that because of that car accident, Yinyin almost died? You almost killed her!” 

One was crying and the other coaxing, the air conditioner was blowing gently, yet the air in the room made people feel very comfortable. 

“Yes,” Shi Han felt sleepy, leaned lazily on the chair, and sneered, “We almost died!” 

The words Bai Wanjun was about to say got stuck in her throat.
She remembered her decision to choose Shi Yin between the two in the hospital, and her anger was instantly replaced by guilt. 


But she couldn't help thinking that the car accident was originally caused by Shi Han.
Besides, her decision didn't really affect Shi Han much.
Wasn't she also saved in the end? 

She said in an annoyed tone, “Don't mention this matter in the future.” 

Afterall, she was her biological daughter, so Bai Wanjun tried being patient then spoke softly to shift the topic, “Where have you been these two years?” 

In fact, she wanted to ask if Shi Han was raised by some man.
Bai Wanjun looked at Shi Han's gorgeous face and felt in her heart that her guess could be right. 

Moreover, Shi Han didn't take any of the jewelry and clothes from her room.
Not long after she left, they suspended her bank card to force her to return. 

A young, beautiful and penniless girl, apart from relying on men, how could she stay outside for so long? 


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