Third Trimester

The last three months are called the third trimester, weeks 27-40. This is the final stage of your pregnancy.

Sometimes it can feel like it took FOREVER to get here, but it's here and your baby is almost ready to be in your arms!

Your belly is really big by now and you have to urinate even more now thanks to the uterus sitting on top of your bladder.

This stage in pregnancy can become even more uncomfortable with backaches and just feeling sooooo heavy. You may also feel very emotional and nervous waiting for baby's arrival.

All the organs of your baby are developed now, except for the lungs, which continue to develop until the end of this trimester.

After going through the different pregnancy stages, your now just waiting for your baby's birthday! Most babies are born within one or two weeks of the due date. A baby born prematurely has a good chance of survival thanks to modern medical intensive care technology.

Once you reach 37 weeks, your baby is considered full term. Of course it's still better for baby to stay inside until around the due date.

Some of the symptoms you may experience during the third trimester of pregnancy may include:

  • Braxton Hicks contractions ~ which are "warm-up" or "practice" contractions getting your body ready for the big day when those real labor contrations come.

  • Fatigue

  • Back pain, Pelvic ache and hip pain

  • Hemorrhoids and constipation

  • Heartburn ~ a symptom of gastroesophageal reflux disease

  • Hand pain, numbness, or weakness ~ carpal tunnel syndrome

  • Breathing difficulty ~ all due to your uterus sitting just below your rib cage, and your lungs have less room to expand.

  • Mild swelling of your feet and ankles ~ edema

  • Difficulty sleeping and finding a comfortable position ~ Lying on your back interferes with blood circulation, and lying on your stomach just isn't possible. Sleep on your side, using pillows to support your belly and put them between your knees. It is best to lie on your left side. When you lie on your right side or on your back, the increasing weight of your uterus can partly block the large blood vessel in front of your backbone.

  • Frequent urination ~ caused by your enlarged uterus and the pressure of the fetus's head on your bladder.

Now that's a lot of disomfort isn't it? Don't worry, your preious little baby will be here in no time. Once you look into your baby's eyes, you'll soon forget all the discomforts of pregnancy.

With all that said...

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing!

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