What Causes a Miscarriage?

If you've experienced an unsuccessful pregnancy, you've probably wondered why it happened. Sometimes you may blame yourself for having a miscarriage. Please know that a pregnancy loss is rarely caused by something you did (a mild fall, exercise, having sex, etc.). Some things that may have occured may be:
  • The embryo or fetus may have a chromosomal abnormality that causes it to not develop right. This usually causes at least half of all miscarriages.

  • As a woman gets older, her chances increase.

  • Severe trauma or infections.

  • Women who are underweight or overweight have a higher risk.

  • Women who have had two or more unsuccessful pregnancies in a row are at a higher risk of having more in the future.

It may be difficult to determine exactly what may have caused your miscarriage. Once you miscarry and pass everything, it's possible to test the tissue that you expelled to know exactly what went wrong.

I was told that they would even be able to tell if the baby would have been a boy or girl. I didn't want that done. I put it all in the Lord's hands and he took care of everything. Although I was heartbroken, I came to terms with my pregnancy loss and I know that God always has a plan.

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